Samahara Lobaton will move out of Brian Torres' home and Salsero will cover his costs for remodeling.

Brian Torres confirms that Samahara Lopatan is moving out of his house. (Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

Strong and clear. Singer Brian Torres His relationship with the model took an unexpected turn Samahara Lobedan During an interview on the show Magali TV Law Firm Last April 22. Torres Despite being pregnant, she was surprised to confirm that her relationship with the former reality star had ended.

During the interview, a former friend of Jefferson Farban revealed that the situation has become complicated as his family claims the property they lived in together in Chorrillos. In this situation, singer Samhara said that he would have to go with his daughter because it created disputes between them due to constant fights.

Given thisMagali Medina Because asked the singer Sahara Remodeled the apartment with an ad exchange: “The house you take her to live in Samahara, you say you spent your effort, but we saw that Samahara transformed the house with her exchange, because we saw she changed the furniture, painted, “they plastered, they put everything, They reformulated with their transmission,” the journalist said in defense of the model.

Brian Torres confirms that Samahara Lopatan is moving out of his house. (Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

Brian He noted that this was not the case, as the apartment had all its finishes. “I'm going to make it clear. I left everything right, with the finish, with the bathroom, with the full bathroom, the kitchen, everything. She exchanged with a company and put it on the headboard of the house, and she put it on the wooden part of the kitchen. The truth is, I don't have anything there, what is a refrigerator? , the fact is that nothing is mine because that's where I'm going to live. I only had my bed and my clothes and nothing else, but I had all my finishing touches,” he noted.

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Besides, Torres He promised that Sahara He would participate in the remodeling of the apartment, but promised to give her a portion of the cost of said improvements. “She won't be on the air,” said a former friend of Jefferson Farban, willing to help his former partner through this difficult situation.

“Obviously, that's her job. That's exactly what I talked to her about. I'm going to take responsibility for that. I told him, I mean, we have to go, right? You on your side, me on mine. We agreed that she's going to take everything, and I'm going to pay her. 8,000 soles to be paid. In other words, she was going to take everything out and take it somewhere else. She said she was going to get everything from him.

Brian Torres confirms that Samahara Lopatan is moving out of his house. (Courtesy: Magali TV Law Firm)

Brian Torres, The protagonist of the recent scandal with Samahara Lopatone, is directly connected to Magali Medina This Monday, Melissa Gluck's daughter showed pictures of the singer throwing her belongings out of a window after her 'Amor y Fuego' performance to address the events of last weekend.

In the interview, Salsero categorically denied assaulting the former reality star and confirmed that she was pregnant. Likewise, he promised that he would take care of the child, although he made it clear that their relationship as a couple had come to an end.

“I spoke to her today and she is pregnant. I'm not going to quit, but we're not going to continue as a couple. I think it's best for both of us. Magali, I'm going to be there, every step of the way, everything the doctor asks, I'm going to be there, I'm never going to ignore myself, he's my son, I accept that, obviously. I mean, I already have a daughter, and we don't know if she's my second child, a son or a daughter,” Brian said of Samhara.

Brian Torres announces the end of his relationship with Samahara Lopatone. (Composite: Infobae)

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