Annual solar eclipse 2024: Argentina city will be the best place to see it, NASA confirms

The “annular solar eclipse” scheduled for October 2, 2024 will be visible from much of South America. However, an Argentine province will have a privileged perspective to observe this phenomenon.

Annular Solar Eclipse from Atlanta, USA. Photo: EFE.

The wait is almost over for astronomy enthusiasts ArgentinaFirst National Astronomy and Space Administration (NASA) announced next Annular solar eclipseOne of the most exciting celestial events can be seen from the Southern Province.

This cosmic event leaves a surprise “Ring of Fire” In heaven, it is planned Wednesday, October 2, 2024 And, according to scientists, will present a spectacle to the audience 7 minutes 25 seconds Duration.

Annular solar eclipse in Honduras.  Photo: EFE.Annular solar eclipse. Photo: EFE.

He Anular eclipse This occurs when the moon, at its peak, does not completely block the sunlight, creating an unusual visual effect that fascinates scientists and hobbyists alike. It can be found here North AmericaVery much South AmericaLos Pacific and Atlantic Oceans Further Antarctica.

Burnout.  Photo: Unsplash

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The annular solar eclipse can be seen from the province of Argentina

On this occasion, and in Argentine territory, the View piece Close from the north Three lakes to the south Perito Morenoincluding coastal areas such as Puerto Santa Cruz Y Desired port In the province Santa Cruz.

Announcing the annular solar eclipse in Honduras.  Photo: EFE.Annular solar eclipse. Photo: EFE.

NASA experts have highlighted the best time to experience the eclipse 15:45 hrswhen “Ring of Fire” Shown in all its glory with a 0.90 magnitudeIt offers a unique and unforgettable experience to those who are in the right place at the right time.

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Los Annular solar eclipsesThey usually last a few minutes, and can only be directly observed when the lunar disk obscures the Sun. Other types of solar eclipses, called “total” or “partial,” should not be observed without adequate protection.

Annular solar eclipse in Honduras.  Photo: EFE.Annular solar eclipse. Photo: EFE.

Best way to see the eclipse up close Metal glass filters They fit on the front of binoculars and binoculars. These filters give a pleasant yellow-orange color and are perfect for photography or viewing the sun.

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