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Rumors of an alleged pregnancy between Samhara Lopatone and Brian Torres hit the airwaves this Wednesday, April 17. A TikToker posted a photo of the ultrasound, which Melissa Gluck's daughter would have assured her was sweetly expecting in her WhatsApp statuses.

Samuel Suarez from Instarandula did not hesitate to talk about the topic and promised not to be surprised if the young influencer is pregnant, mocking her.

Meanwhile, Samahara Lobedan He wrote to him locally and the famous Samu did not hesitate to make his message public. “Hahaha the less they talk to me the better. Good gossip people. Rumors feed them”Melissa Kluck's daughter said.

Samahara Lobeden speaks out after pregnancy rumors

“Miss Samhara, please don't behave with us. Here one is looking for rumors to feed my rathujas and you are coming to take the pot. Instead, make sure you upload your ultrasound or not, the former TV reporter replied.

Abel Lopaton's daughter was not quiet and denied that she was waiting sweetly. “I love and adore my daughter. My role as a mother is my best job. It's not news that having my second child was in my plans, in fact we were searching a lot after my ectopic pregnancy. Trust me, when I say that, I mean it not only on WhatsApp but from the rooftops. They're going through”. said the young influence.

Samahara Lobeden speaks out after pregnancy rumors

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