Samsung’s Galaxy S26 Ultra will feature Apple’s FaceID technology

(Global) Samsung’s Galaxy S26 Ultra is said to get Apple’s FaceID technology.

The upcoming Galaxy S25 Ultra is rumored to feature a biometric authentication system similar to Apple’s FaceID. However, a more recent leak has debunked the above, saying that the feature, called PolarID, will come with the Galaxy S26 Ultra and will work without the need for additional sensors other than the front camera.

Apple’s FaceID replaced TouchID with the iPhone X in 2017, and was well received by critics for its security and ease of use. Samsung’s flagship devices lack an equally secure facial recognition system, the iris scanner introduced with the Galaxy S9 in 2018, which is faster but not as secure as FaceID.

Apple’s FaceID works using a dot projector, flow illuminator and an infrared sensor. According to an earlier rumor, Samsung’s FaceID iteration will be called PolarID, and it’s said to be more secure than FaceID as it doesn’t require any additional sensors other than the front camera.

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