San Juan de Dios Hospital’s Innovative Reconstructive Technology

San Juan de Dios Hospital is a large hospital complex in Bogotá. Photo: Renobo

With innovative technology, Bogotá and Nation Progress has been made in renovating one of the buildings of the San Juan de Dios HospitalIt is trying to reposition itself in the capital.

This is Building Information Modeling (BIM), which centralizes all information about the work into a digital model that simplifies the design, construction and operational processes.

In addition, this technology provides a reliable database for decision making at San Juan de Dios Hospital.

San Juan de Dios Hospital in Bogotá
Renovation of the San Juan de Dios maintenance building is 60% underway. Photo: Renobo.

Along with the above, the so-called campus maintenance building becomes the first project Architectural renovation using BIM technology in Colombia.

Technology for the restoration of San Juan de Dios Hospital

This is on behalf of the agreement signed between the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Knowledge and the Urban Renewal and Development Agency of Bogotá (Renobo).

“We implement these types of technologies to carry out tasks in renovation projects, which maintain the building. The PIM method was implemented in a nationally piloted renovation projectsaid restoration architect Carlos Amezquita.

The manager, who is the architectural heritage coordinator of MinCulturas, also noted that “this technology simplifies the project management and supervision processes.”

Gustavo Pedro
President Gustavo Pedro championed the restoration of San Juan de Dios Hospital in Bogotá. Image: President.

As of April, the work of the San Juan de Dios Hospital has a percentage of progress corresponding to 60% of its five blocks.

An extensive restoration process is noteworthy Includes installation of roof sheathing, beginning of final phase, mezzanine diaphragmMotor support for roof, leveling of mezzanine, among others.

For his part, Arturo Nino, project manager of the hospital complex, the BIM method allows to clearly establish the progress of the work, identifying the differences between the planned activities and those implemented in real time.

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He also noted that “this is important in cost control as we are constantly informed about the volume of work accomplished and the execution balances of large and small scale works through management and supervision”.

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