San Miguel: Woman dies in car accident driven by priest

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A truck collided with a public lamp post This resulted in the death of a woman in the early hours of Friday morning.

Identified as deceased Karina Yarlek Ani (34), a priest’s secretary who took her around Coastal AvenueIn Lima District San MiguelWhen the accident happened.

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The van was driving away, police said MARIO FERNANDO MARQUINA ZAMBIRANO (57) He who carried his mother Rita Zambrano MejiaIn the back seat was the co-pilot and his secretary.

Suddenly, shortly after reaching San Miguel’s border with La Perla (in Callao), the unit attacked the post, ending his career. Yarleg Ani. Meanwhile, Madan’s mother was shifted to the health center in an ambulance.

The priest was transferred San Miguel Police Station As part of the police investigation to determine the cause of the accident, his statement must be given.

Meanwhile, forensic experts and lawyers on duty arrived at the scene of the accident to remove the body and initiate legal proceedings.

At the end of this note, The custody They closed the road of the said avenue from south to north, for which reason they recommended the ascent of Magellan as an alternative route.

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