San Ysidro's lieutenant mayor confronts mayor and resigns live: “I'm tired, you have no character”

San Ysidro's lieutenant mayor confronts mayor and resigns live: “I'm tired, you have no character”

Gustavo ReteguiThe vice mayor of San Ysidro — the second-highest taxing district in metropolitan Lima — handed in his resignation letter to the mayor. Nancy Visuraka It was broadcast live on December 29 during the council session, but it went viral on social media this Monday.

During the assembly, the first councilor mentioned some of the obstacles the commune faces, in his view, such as garbage collection, issuing operating licenses or managing green areas. The odd one out He chatted on his cell phone and avoided looking at her, according to images collected in the San Ysidro Councilors' Account for Transparency and Neighborhood Participation.

“We all come to do community service and we can't. I'm tired because it's war here, there's no purpose. Nancy, you don't have the qualifications to run an administration, and I don't want to embarrass myself. This is the last council session I will attend. “This medal disgraces me and I am taking it off this time,” he exclaimed. Reategui Leaving behind a badge he received as a representative of the council.

“I asked you to work together, but you don't want to work with me,” he continued, adding that a councilor would approach him to try to stop his decision, to which he replied: “Leave me alone. I feel frustrated because I came to work and Nancy wouldn't let me.” What am I doing here? Don't you understand? Nancy has so much power that even seven councilors can't handle her.

Report of the Municipality of San Ysidro

Quoted in a report TradeThe commune noted that the mayor would ask the resigning official to support his statements “within the framework of the legal provisions that guarantee them.”

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“Each member of the council is responsible for their actions and words during the development of the sessions. The first councilor has revealed a series of facts against the mayor. San Isidro And the municipal administration, of which he is a part, utilizes the allotted intervention time,” the letter said.

“These kinds of actions will not distract the current administration from continuing to work with full transparency, fighting corruption and responsible management of resources,” he concluded. By mid-2023, The odd one out She was reported for fraud for using an official vehicle to visit a beauty salon and request hairdressing services.

Nancy Visuraga, Mayor of San Ysidro, in an official proceeding

A case was filed by Juliana dress By lawyer and expert in municipal issues, Julio Castiglioni, who filed charges before the Comptroller General of the Republic. The municipal authority, on its part, felt that there was nothing “malicious” in asking an employee to transfer.

“The vehicle belongs to the district […] Not because I used an official vehicle, I had to go to a hairdresser, but the vehicle didn't go to the hairdresser and wait for me, no. Simply, I go, I take care of myself, I come,” he noted.

The show also revealed that The odd one out She decorated her stylist, Edilberto Caceres, signed by the Mayor Resolution No. 210 through. According to Castiglioni, the variances would have to be approved by the municipal council, but this would not have followed the usual process. “For my part, I have not recommended any name or endorsed recognition,” the councilor said. Nicole ChavezHe let it slip that the decision was made under the table.

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Graduate in Industrial Relations and Post Graduate in Constitutional Law, The odd one out She is the first woman in the history of San Ysidro to be democratically elected mayor of the Renovación Popular line. Last December, he was elected as a member of the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Investment Fund of the Municipality of Lima (INVERMET).


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