Sanke: Landslides destroy two homes, one affected and two at risk in Peralvillo | lime

Sanke: Landslides destroy two homes, one affected and two at risk in Peralvillo |  lime

On Tuesday morning, May 16, a Land subsidence There was heavy damage to houses and vehicles in Peralvillo town center in the district ChankeProvince HurrellIn the Lima area.

The incident took place around 9:01 am in an area where work related to Sanke Megaport project is underway.

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The Peruvian National Police (PNP), after surveying the damage in the area of ​​the incident, initially reported that two houses were completely destroyed and at least 18 other buildings were severely damaged.

However, a journalist Trade It was verified at the spot Only one multi-family residence was affected. And two are at risk. It is also stated that there should be at least three vehicles Damage caused by sinking.

In a conversation with RPP Noticias, Colonel PNP Manuel Farias, chief of the Huaral Police Division, said that house-to-house inspections were conducted and residents were asked to evacuate houses within a hundred meters around the scene. Given the potential for further decline.

The event occurred at kilometer 80 of the Panamericana Norte, where a port tunnel is being built. Precisely, 80+000 kilometers of the Sanque-Huacho section is completely closed to traffic, according to Norvial, the concessionaire of the road.

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The company speaks

Company Casco Shipping Ports Sankey Peru S.A., said in a statement, in charge of the work It will be responsible for repairing the damage caused and “strengthening preventive measures in the construction process”.

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He also said that the reasons for the incident will be investigated and necessary corrective measures will be taken.

“We are cooperating with the authorities and have initiated an investigation to identify the causes, take corrective measures and avoid similar incidents in the future,” the company said.

Police, firefighters and members of the Civil Defense Force rushed to the scene. Until closing this note – the presence of local municipal authorities is not reported.

According to the RBP notices, the representatives of the company responsible for the work also did not turn up till 1:00 pm.


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