Santa Cruz has a virtual shooting range

It is a state-of-the-art virtual shooting simulator completely developed in our country. Apart from four Latin American countries, only four police forces in Argentina have this technology.

Since the beginning of the Alicia Kirchner government, there have been a series of changes in matters of public and citizen security, with a central axis being the creation and training of provincial police and security forces.

Enormous developments in this regard have been highlighted: firstly, in curricular reforms and in the educational content of the initial training institutions of the forces. Second, it adapts a permanent training policy to the task of planning, managing, evaluating and coordinating programs and projects for the renewal and specialized training of senior and junior personnel in organizational changes of the organization; Finally, in a better link between training and daily practice, educational reforms find a connection with institutional reforms and vice versa.

An example of these achievements is the creation of two Police Training and Doctrine Centers (CEDoP). One is located in the city of Río Gallegos and the other in the city of Cañadón Seco, in the northern region, where, since 2017, permanent retraining and training is carried out based on the development of new security intervention strategies and procedures.

In this framework, a state-of-the-art virtual shooting range (simulator) was recently incorporated in the Santa Cruz Provincial Police, made possible by an investment of more than $60 million pesos by the provincial government. Its purpose is to train police officers and trainees in various techniques and tactics related to handling handguns and other weapons used by the police force. Respects current norms in this regard.

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Functions and features

This state-of-the-art electronic system offers a variety of 3D exercises. The best way and in the shortest time.

It includes four Glock 17 and Bersa Thunder weapon replicas Co2/Green gas, four IR laser pointers, a tactical vest that is sensitive to displays from the screen to install on a short weapon replica, and a tactical flashlight for low light training during training. , four IR laser ammunition for the 9 mm caliber weapon and four IR ammunition for the 12 gauge gun.

Likewise, it is compatible with the operation of short and long weapons, real or replicas (pistol/revolver, shotgun/rifle), using the appropriate laser sights or ammunition in each case.

Similarly, detailed reports of all exercises are included, allowing sequential recording of shooting time, weapon, shooter, and reaction time and location of the shot on target. All of this information is stored in the shooting simulator and can be printed, archived in the cloud, or emailed in PDF format to be stored as a student record.

Advantages of Police Training

Having this technological tool makes it easy to move to other places as it is a mobile and transportable system; This will allow knowledge to be disseminated and evaluated in different parts of the province so that every employee is part of the training and coaching program.

In turn, the implementation of this type of technology will achieve:

  • Don’t spend too much on ammo;
  • Do not endanger life (minimum safety requirements are necessary);
  • 4 instructions can be run simultaneously and independently;
  • It is ecological.

Unique in all of Patagonia and one of the few in the country

It should be noted that apart from the Airport Security Police (PSA) at the federal level, only the police of the provinces of Córdoba, San Luis and Buenos Aires have this type of equipment. Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, and Uruguay are the countries that have incorporated this technology in Latin America, and Mexico in North America is leading the way in implementing the technology for our province’s police force and security.

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