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Within the framework of the CANSAT Argentina initiative, organized by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MINCyT) and the National Commission for Space Activities (CONAE), the School of Technical Education no. 643 “Granaderos de San Lorenzo” de Roldan participated this Thursday, along with the other 4 final teams, in the launch day of the satellites built during the tournament.

The initiative proposes that high school students build a satellite larger than a soda can to learn the process of creating a satellite mission and develop science-technology careers.

The five finalist projects had the opportunity to launch their payloads on rockets reaching an altitude of approximately 400 meters from CONAE’s Teófilo Tabanera Space Center in the city of Falda del Cañete in the province of Córdoba. They then retrieved their CANSATs, downloaded and processed the information generated by their space missions.

The Provincial Director of Development Management, Germán Wirsch, participated in the event and said: “All this year I have been with these young people from the province of Santa Fe, seeing the effort and commitment they have put into this project.” From CANSAT Roldán 2, it allows us to see that this is the way to bet and strengthen science in young people. Seeing the result today in Córdoba at CONAE, the boys were able to launch the satellite and go with them, allowing us to see their excitement to be able to start their project after so long and to see the results they were expecting.

“There were five experiences from across the country, one of which was from a public school like Santa Fe and Roldan’s School No. 643. It prides itself on public education that allows us to see and raise the careers of future lawyers and engineers, who will start studying space from other areas and come with them. It’s challenging to continue to grow.” , this is the proposal we are making in collaboration with the network of science clubs, of which Roldan is a part, and we are proud to see these children continue to develop their skills. Go with them throughout the administration. We wish you all the best from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and encourage you to keep going. We would love to,” the official added.

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The team consists of students: Santiago Giacola, Camilo Ponti, Ignacio Biancimano and Luca Garcia.


After training from experts, each team undertook its CANSAT task to acquire knowledge, tools and materials required for the development of the project and after various work and evaluation, five teams were selected on August 22. The launch met their payloads at the CONAE Space Center, which houses the Concordia, Entre Ríos schools; Concepcion, Ducuman; Autonomous City of Buenos Aires; and Montserrat, Córdoba.

Among them, the “Roldan 2” project, by students from the city of Santa Fe, arrived Wednesday to conduct environmental tests and verify that it is fit for launch. They were accompanied by experts from MINCyT, CONAE, National University of Technology (UTN) and Skytec.

Launches were carried out on Thursday morning, and in the afternoon the teams worked on the analysis of data collected by their respective missions. The results will be presented on Friday and talks will be received from companies in the national space industry. They will also visit the CONAE property and its laboratories.

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