Schalls thinks Trump's statements are irresponsible – DW – 02/12/2024

German Federal Chancellor, Olaf ScholesThis Monday (02/12/2024) in Donald Trump's latest statement he threatened Failure to guarantee security Against Russia I take it They do not pay their share of common security. “Any comparison of NATO's assistance guarantee is irresponsible and dangerous and will only benefit Russia's interests,” he declared at a press conference with his Polish counterpart in Berlin. Donald Tusk. “No one should play with Europe's security,” he added.

However, Scholz said Germany will meet NATO's target of spending 2% of its budget on defense this year. “Germany will have the highest defense spending in Europe. This is correct and represents a significant increase over previously invested,” he said, adding that he assumed “all NATO partners will comply with the target”. “Defending each other is part of the basis of NATO, protecting every centimeter of every member state. We reaffirm Germany's commitment to all,” emphasized the chancellor, who held the sign earlier. Laying of foundation stone for new ammunition factory Urges “mass production” of weapons in Europe.

Tusk, for his part, made it clear that “no statement should be taken completely seriously”, referring to Trump, but at the same time insisted on doing everything so that cooperation between the Atlantic countries enjoys a “secure base”. Lack of “alternatives”. The Polish prime minister recalled that Warsaw had already invested 4% of its GDP in defense, and while he expressed understanding for countries that could not reach that threshold quickly, he promised that “Ukraine's terrible lesson” would not allow it. Doubt about the need to do so.

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“One for all and one for all”

However, Tusk acknowledged that Trump's comments were “like a cold shower for all of us, especially for those who are not aware or traumatized by the real threat we face.” “We must truly commit ourselves to full cooperation with the United States, but Europe must also invest in its own security,” he added.

French Foreign Minister Sejourn with German Minister Annalena Baerbach and Poland's Radoslaw Sikorski today at the Palace of St. Cloud on the outskirts of Paris.Image: Sarah Maisonnier/AP Photo/Image Alliance

The former head of the European Commission was in Paris today with French President Emmanuel Macron, who insisted that twenty-seven attempts to supply arms and ammunition to Ukraine “should help strengthen Europe's industrial and defense base”. , whose strength should complement that of NATO. Tusk referred to Alexandre Dumas' classic “The Three Musketeers” when recalling that the core of relations between the EU and NATO is based on the principle of “one for all, one for all”.

Europe needs a “second life insurance” in addition to NATO

French Foreign Minister, Stéphane Sejournay, met in Paris with his German counterpart, Annalena Baerbach, and his Polish counterpart, Radoslaw Sikorski. “We need a second life insurance, not as an alternative, not against NATO, but as a complement.” A fundamental pillar of all NATO is the idea of ​​the collective defense of all its members, enshrined in the famous Article 5 of its founding treaty.

“We need to present ideas to the whole of Europe,” he said. Beerbach, appeared collectively before the press at the end of this meeting in the so-called Weimar Triangle at Saint-Cloud, a suburb of Paris. The German foreign minister referred to a “huge pro-Russian network” of disinformation recently dismantled in his country. “We need a common plan to fight against misinformation – he added”, which was reflected in a general declaration at the end of the meeting.

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Donald Trump, who will run for his second term as US president in November, has often accused NATO allies of failing to meet their commitments on military spending. During the campaign, he threatened on several occasions to pull the US out of NATO if he was re-elected president, and on Saturday suggested he would encourage Russia to “do whatever it takes” if he wins the next US election. Members of the alliance, in his opinion, did not spend enough on collective security.

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