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Miriam BonesEducation Minister gave some details about Beginning of the 2024 school year. As recalled, several authorities suggested that classes may be delayed due to various weather phenomena occurring in different places.

With this in mind, its owner MinedAs it is necessary to follow the syllabus for this year, the school level confirmed that it will continue its course and the date will not be changed.

Similarly, he pointed out that there are only two regions in the country where classes start weeks later due to heat wave, high radiation and other conditions in certain places. Aika Y Mokugua.

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What day do classes start in Peru?

The education minister said that the classes will start on March 11 as already announced. Because of this, he indicated that all is ready to provide the necessary guarantees for school students to return to the classrooms without any problems.

Back to Classes 2024. Photo/Note.

“We're almost at the start of the school year More than 6.5 million students will return on March 11. We were asked if the start date would be changed, but I would like to mention that the date remains the same. They are going to confirm only in two regions viz Ica and Moquegua“, to be precise.

“We are working hard to improve the infrastructure and its maintenance. We call on directors to implement schools with their allocated budgets and make improvements in each educational institution. Also, we announced that 12 schools will be opened,” he said.

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School children will be protected

In addition to this information, its owner Minedexpressed that The protection of school students will be the responsibility of the National Police of Peru. Apart from this, he called upon parents to join the chain of protection against crime in the cities.

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“In terms of security, Police will be deployed for security in educational institutions Children's safety can be guaranteed, but parents must organize and participate to help ensure the safety of every student,” he said.

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