SDEyT promotes women’s participation in the formal economy

SDEyT promotes women’s participation in the formal economy

Presented the program “Motivation and Empowerment of Young Women Entrepreneurs of Morelos”.

In a press conference, Ana Cecilia Rodríguez González, head of the Ministry of Economic Development and Labor (SDyT), presented the “Motivation and Empowerment of Young Women Entrepreneurs of Morelos” program to help entrepreneurs between the ages of 18 and 29. They can pursue or pursue their entrepreneurial ideas with training.

The aforementioned, as part of the objectives of promoting and spreading economic incentives to formalize enterprises through the Business Development and Investment Promotion Trust Fund (Fifodebi), with an investment of more than three million pesos, 100 women will receive advice on key activities. Problems with highly trained guides.

Cecilia Rodríguez pointed out that there is an opportunity to process their Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC) and enter the next phase of participating in refund programs from the same foundation, thereby continuing to strengthen their efforts.

For his part, Janet Hernández Serrano, general director of Fifotebi, said that although the calls are not exclusive, two of them target vulnerable segments of the population, young people between 18 and 29 years old. Impulsajoven projects “acquisition of raw materials” and “equalization”.

“All our calls are free, they are received directly, advice is given free of charge and digitally, so I want to remember that all businessmen and businesswomen can access it, regardless of their social status, political or religious ideology or origin. Territory”, he explained.

The crowd included founding members of Mujer Radiante, Aymy Aida Castillo Salazar and Sara Imelda Vázquez Cerdé; Economic Development Coordinator of SDEyT, Xóchitl Jiménez Núñez.

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