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Unexpected death Sebastian Pinera Considered famous, it has influenced the world Chilean politician He died in a tragic helicopter crash. Thus, his separation has left a huge void among his family and loved ones. Do you know who the politician's children are doing? Pay attention.

It is worth pointing out that the former president of Chile He died at the age of 74, right in the commune Lake Ranco (Los Rios area) from his native country.

It is known that the tragic incident happened a few minutes ago 15 hours of Tuesday, February 6, 2024. Also, the plane he was traveling in sank 40 meters deep.

Sebastian Piñera was twice president of Chile. Politicians around the world mourned his sudden death (Photo: AFP)

Children of Sebastien Piora

Sebastian Pinera He had four children from his marriage Cecilia Moral MontesEminent family and youth counselor who held ethical position First lady During her husband's reign (2010-2014 and 2018-2022).

They are: Magdalena (1975), Cecilia (1978), Sebastian (1982) and Cristobal Piñera (1984)

What are Sebastian Piora's children devoted to?

1. Magdalena Pinera

Magdalena Pinera Morel He has a degree in education working as a history and geography teacher. He was the eldest in the family clan and actively participated in his father's first campaign for the presidency.

In August 2022, he was one of the creators FPM (Pinera Moral Foundation), Organization specializing in education, where he held the position of Managing Director.

Sebastian Pinera next to his firstborn Magdalena in a snapshot (Photo: @manepinera / Instagram

2. Cecilia Pinera

Cecilia Pinera Morel He was born in 1978 and is a pediatric infectious disease physician. He worked as a professor in the medical faculty of University of Chile And, by far, she is the least politically involved sister.

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Various records indicate that he was appointed as the leader Department of Infectious Diseases, Exequiel González Cortés HospitalThere she works with children with chronic infectious diseases.

Cecilia Piñera Moral dedicates her life to medicine (Photo: El Mostradore)

3. Sebastian Pinera

According to SEBASTIAN PINERA MORAL He is a commercial engineer PUC Y MBA of StanfordIn addition to being the owner of an investment fund manager PB capital Next Jose Miguel Bullens.

He has also got the important responsibility of Odyssey InvestmentsAn office that manages family group investments.

Sebastian Piñera Moral was born in 1982 and works as a commercial engineer (Photo: @IgualesChile / X)

4. Cristobal Piñera

The aforementioned medium indicates that CRISTOBAL PINERA MORAL He is the director of the company CG Cosmetics (wet wipes) and shop It's velvet (Exclusive Dress). Also, like his brother SebastianAlmost all family firms have shares.

As if that wasn't enough, he's a partner Daedalus VenturesA venture capital firm “Dedicated to investing in startups capable of creating positive social and economic change in Latin America” According to its website.

Cristobal is the couple's fourth child. He was born in 1984 and works as a psychologist (Photo: Cristóbal Piñera / X)

Sebastien Piora data sheet

  • net worth: 2.8 billion US dollars
  • Fountain of wealth: Investments
  • Nationality: Chile
  • date of birth: December 1, 1949
  • birth place: Santiago
  • Death: February 6, 2024 (age 74)
  • profession: Politician, Businessman, Investor, Entrepreneur, Professor, Economist.
  • Parents: Jose Pinera, Magdalena Echenique
  • wife: Cecilia Moral Montes (Mother. 1973)
  • Children: Magdalena, Cecilia, Sebastian, Cristobal
  • Relatives: Jose, Miguel and Pablo Pinera Echenique (brothers), and Bernardino Pinera (uncle).
  • Studied at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (BS in Business Engineering), Harvard University (MA and Ph.D. in Economic Sciences)
  • Dr. Tesis: Economics of Education in Developing Countries: A Collection of Essays (1976)
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