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César Vallejo vs. Always ready for the 5th match of Group A of the CONMEBOL Sudamericana Cup at the Mancich Stadium in Trujillo this Wednesday, May 15, 2024. The match will be telecast on ESPN, DirecTV, DGO and Star Plus signals. Find out what time they play, potential lineups, history and more about this important commitment. Likewise, on El Comercio you can see all the incidents in real time, minute by minute.


César Vallejo vs. César Vallejo vs. the fight for Date 5 of Group A of the CONMEBOL Sudamericana Cup. Always ready on Wednesday 15th May 2024 at Mancich Stadium.

What time does Vallejo VS Ever Ready play?

The match between César Vallejo vs. Always Ready is scheduled to play at 9:00pm (Peruvian time). We bring you the schedule of other countries so you don’t miss this important match.

  • Mexico: 8:00 p.m
  • Ecuador: 9:00 p.m
  • Columbia: 9:00 p.m
  • Bolivia: 10:00 p.m
  • Venezuela: 10:00 p.m
  • Chile: 10:00 p.m
  • Argentina: 11:00 p.m
  • Paradise: 11:00 p.m
  • Uruguay: 11:00 p.m.
  • Brazil: 23:00 hrs


The match between César Vallejo vs. CONMEBOL Sudamericana Cup’s Group A match on the 5th is always ready to be televised throughout Peru on ESPN and DirecTV signals; Plus, ESPN will show it in Bolivia. Also, you can follow minute-by-minute on the DT El Comercio website.

Where to look for Vallejo VS Always Ready?

So you can watch the online telecast of the match between César Vallejo vs. To be always ready online today you need to create an account with Star Plus or DGO. With your subscription you can watch many episodes of the beautiful game among others.

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