Technical Glossary: ​​What is Assembler?

Technology is very useful in daily activities. (Infobae)

Technology evolves It transforms every aspect of our daily lives, from how we communicate to the way we work and entertain. With the constant emergence of new terms, concepts and devices, staying up-to-date has become an essential task for people in all fields, be they professionals, students or those interested in the subject.

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Technology is very useful in daily activities. (Infobae Archive)

An assembler is a program whose function is to translate a source file into assembly language, which in a few words is machine code.

To be precise, an assembler is responsible for converting all existing files into a language that can be understood by any machine.

First, you need to understand the difference between the two terms because although they are similar, they are not the same.

As already stated, assembler translates a file into a language that can be understood by the computer. That decision is known as assembly language.

It’s a program with a specific function, so it’s important to know how to translate files to get machine language as a result.

First, the content found in the corresponding file is read. All subsequent symbols, whether memory or function, are converted and then the final conversion is carried out.

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Finally, there will be a special language so that the machine or PC can read it completely normally.

There are two types of assemblers

  • Basics. They are low-level and their function focuses on assigning symbolic names to parameters or variables that may appear.
  • High level. Also known as 32-bit modular assemblers. This type appeared due to the need for 32-bit processor architecture, and also has backward compatibility as it allows work with 16-bit architectures.

If you know the definition of a compiler, you can guess that its functionality is similar to that provided by an assembler.

However, assembler is a very simple program because in its execution they pass low-level code to machine code.

On the other hand, a compiler takes care of more than just high-level languages.

To gain more knowledge about assemblers, several advantages and disadvantages should be named.

  • Freedom in language.
  • In general, the resulting assembly language programs are more efficient.
  • Almost all computers can be assembled.


  • Very complex.
  • Frequency of errors.
  • Long coding time.
  • It is not portable. This makes it difficult to share across different computers.

To conclude, it should be noted that an assembler is always more important.

Since its first appearance, it has been of great use as it allows the use of well-known assembly language.

This program helps the computer to understand many files that under normal circumstances, no other machine can understand.

From a file to machine language, this is how assembler works, so its importance at many levels is more than justifiable for the current system.

Technology is an ally in people’s daily lives. (EP)

Although Technology is found in all areas of life, there may be people who don’t know how to use it yet or don’t know how to function properly in certain situations; However, the best way to pursue this is to expand your knowledge to be better prepared.

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For example, only a person who knows how to distinguish phishing can avoid being scammed and can warn others if they see something unusual on the sites they visit.

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