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The family of Sharon Pryor, who was murdered 48 years ago, may finally have closure. Police Canada One of the most famous cold cases in the history of the province of Quebec has been solved thanks to advanced DNA testing. This is the story.

Sharon Pryor She was 16 when she was abducted on March 29, 1975 in Pointe St-Charles. Montreal. The young woman was on her way to a pizzeria to meet some friends, but she didn’t show up.

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His body was found four days later in a forest In LanguIn QuebecAcross the St. Lawrence River.

Despite interrogating more than 100 suspects over the years, police have never arrested anyone.

Yvonne PriorThe teenager’s mother, now in her 80s, still lives Canada. She has spent her entire life searching for her daughter’s killer.

After more than 40 years in the open, investigators finally made a breakthrough when they linked DNA found at the crime scene to an American family. Virginia Occidental.

Sharon Prior disappeared before meeting up with friends at a pizzeria.

Thus, they discovered that a member of the family with a criminal background lived there Montreal At the time of the murder SharonBut now who is dead, they get orders to dig up his body.

The suspect was called Franklin Maywood Romine.

The name of Rome According to Charleston’s WCHS-TV, who appeared at the hearing last year, Virginia Occidental.

Police In Langu Initiate a criminal record check and find a detailed criminal history and attempts of Rome To evade justice by moving in between Virginia Occidental Y Canada.

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In his background, it is discovered that he tried to escape from prison for the first time Virginia Occidental in 1964, and then managed to escape in 1967, according to records obtained by WCHS-TV. Two years later, of Rome He already had a criminal record Canada.

His criminal history includes a 1974 rape conviction in West Virginia .

That year, he was arrested for breaking into a house ParkersburgWest Virginia, and rape of a woman.

He was released on $2,500 bail and escaped two months later CanadaAccording to an Associated Press story.

But shortly after death Sharon, of Rome Arrested and deported Virginia OccidentalHe was sentenced to five to ten years in prison for sexual assault in the case Parkersburg.

The killer was identified as Franklin Maywood Romine. (Photo: Longueuil Police).

Shortly after his release, of Rome He died under mysterious circumstances in 1982 at the age of 36 in Verdun, Montreal.

Evidence and DNA

The researchers said Atn Collected from clothing Sharon Pryor And a shirt used to hold her is not enough to carry out an analysis.

But years later, advances in DNA technology allowed police to get a sample that was amplified enough to compare it to samples in a database containing profiles of thousands of people identified by surname. That database led police to the last name of Rome.

Following the court order, on May 2, the body Franklin Maywood Romine Exhumed from West Virginia cemetery for DNA testing.

“Investigators were able to oversee the collection of DNA from the suspect’s remains and then compare it to DNA found at the crime scene 48 years ago,” a Canadian police statement said. “The results of these biological tests confirmed it 100% Franklin RomineBorn on April 2, 1946, is the killer whom the police have been trying to identify for almost five decades,” the police said.

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When the result is known, the younger sister SharonDoreen said: “Settlement of the case Sharon It will never bring her back, but knowing that her killer is no longer on this earth and can no longer kill brings us closure.”

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