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National Superintendent migrations It announced that it will be sealed from next Monday, May 29 Passports A move to speed up the immigration control process at our nation’s airports on international flights will improve passenger travel experience, without compromising on security.

This decision was taken after careful assessment of international best practices and the need to improve the increasing passenger flow at the airports.

Los Jorge Chavez (Gallao), Alfredo Rodriguez Balon (Arequiba), Alejandro Velasco Asted (Cusco), FAB captain Jose A. Passport stamping will be waived at the airports of Quiñones (Sigleo) and FAP Captain Carlos Martinos (Trujillos de).. Stamps are used only in contingencies.

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Benefits of Seal Removal

Al Remove the seal PassportsPassengers traveling on international flights will enjoy a smoother and more convenient experience when crossing immigration control, as the time it takes to open a passport to find the relevant page for stamping will help avoid congestion.

Another advantage, especially for frequent travelers, is that Avoids immediately filling or immediately filling the pages of the passport book with immigration stamps., which should modify the document before its validity period expires. Now, they can enjoy their full validity Passport.

Application of the Virtual Andean Migration Card

The Removal of seal Passports This will generate significant savings for the state by avoiding costs associated with acquiring, maintaining and managing stamps and special inks, he explained.

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This is This move will in no way compromise the security of immigration control at Peruvian airports with international flights.This process is carried out using advanced technologies that verify the authenticity of documents and the identity of passengers.

In that order, the Passenger traffic is registered on the Virtual Andean Migration Card (TAM).

What is this TAM? Collect all passenger information. This, in addition, is confirmed in real-time with the various databases it runs on migrationsand is stored in Register of Immigration InformationIt governs the company.

Additionally, Eliminates risk of stamp fraud As the migrant movement register is visible in the virtual TAM.

How to get or verify Virtual Andean Migration Card?

You can get or check Virtual Andean Migration Card (TAM) Online at the following link:

If you do not receive a virtual TAM, you must contact [email protected].

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