Sheila Rojas cuts live interview with America Hoy after revelations about her son

Sheila Rojas made a live connection to America HOY for Mother’s Day, but had to disconnect the transmission after Antonito’s reports.

The businesswoman and influencer cut a live interview with America HOY. | Composition: Libero.

Sheila Rojas is known for her statements and actions Social websites, which usually generates a large number of comments. During an interview on the show America TodayBefore Mother’s DayOne small detail surprised and turned everyone around Viral on the internet.

During the program America Today This Friday, May 12, Sheila Rojas appeared to celebrate Mother’s Day Along with the drivers, he also agreed to answer some questions for his son. All was going well until Minor started revealing details about his mother’s life.

Former member of Esto S. Guevara y Combat from ATV cut off contact without prior notice due to banter from drivers on set. “Sheila has cut off our contact. She’s angry because Antonito burned her,” noted ‘Rulitos’ and ‘Giselo’ Live.

However, a few seconds later, Sheila Rojas reappeared on screen next to her son and explained to viewers that she dropped the connection because a phone call had gotten into her.

What happened to Sheila Rojas lip?

In January 2022, Sheila Rojas provided details of her last cosmetic surgery, which left her with some side effects, the most newsworthy being a cleft lip. “What’s happening is that I had a problem, I had surgery. It’s not Lipio, I’ve already made it clear many times.”

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