28M Elections, May cover of Plaza magazine

Valencia. Regional elections in Valencian society are more open than ever. Our partner Rosanna Crespo It analyzes how it got here and how the two major parties, the PSPV, have aspirations to reach the presidency. Ximo Puig and with PP Carlos Mason, they deploy all artillery to achieve their goal and hate other parties. According to polls, in the block on the right, Vox will grow in number of seats, but it will be a small increase and Ciudadanos will not cross the 5% barrier. For its part, in the left-wing bloc, polls put Podem-EU on the threshold of the electoral threshold (5%), while in Compromís, the challenge is to maintain a respectable result.

He also talks about the election Ana Delgado, analyzing how any election process is carried out 100% digitally today. The technology is real and mature, but there are still legal and cybersecurity hurdles that are slowing its adoption.

On the finance pages, Louis A. Torralba Interview Emiliana Olmeda OlmedaThe co-founder of Colectual believes that the days of the banking monopoly are numbered, although it recognizes the strong dependence of companies on bank credit in Spain.

For his part, Eugene Mallol to talk Lorenzo de VittoriAn internationally renowned scientist and a priest, he affirms that science and religion are in the same direction, the search for truth.

Alice Soria IVAJ’s Jove Oportunitat tells us about the work of the project’s experts. A program for those who want to join hands with social educators, educators or psychologists and regain their lost motivation.

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In the cultural section, Fernando Minana Reveals the history of Jose Enrique Narbona AlvarezThe third generation of a Saga is a top-of-the-range handcrafted product Beef balls to play brush Y Scale I chord Also, to protect the secret of their production, they never open the workshop to anyone.

Also, the photographer Daniel Garcia-Sala In his photo essay, he finds traces of Alcoy’s industrial past.

In motor segment, our expert Vincent Foster, introduces us to the new all-electric Ford Explorer, leading to a complete reinvention of the Oval brand in Europe. In addition, he explains the innovations of the new Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé, which combines sporty performance and high performance.

Finally, in this May issue, it is worth highlighting regular encounters with humor Raoul
Salazar And his Let the meteor fallevents Magdyand opinions Javier Carrasco, Matte Market, William Lopez, Anthony Lyon Y Jose Force. For his part, Olga Briasco Takes us to visit the real and chaotic Naples, which will not leave anyone indifferent; Rafael Cervera Reveals secrets Sex in New YorkThe series opened a much-needed door for feminism on television; Paula Pons Analyzing how the dining room evolved, things happen today that were unthinkable in a restaurant dining room ten years ago.; Y Pedro Sardin Bringing us the latest news from the world of sailing.

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