Siembra: Willie Callan Criticizes Grammy Award for Album 45th Anniversary

In Galata Grammy 2024, Reuben Blades Thanks to the album added a new award to his career Sowing: 45th Anniversary, However, it didn't like it Willie CallanHe released the original version of the album in 1978 with Panamanian.

Panamanian singer-songwriter Reuben Blades Approved with 2024 Grammy in the Best Tropical Album category Thank you for your work Sowing: 45th AnniversaryAlbum recorded on May 14, 2022 during a concert in Puerto Rico. Salcero performed this work with his countryman's band Robert Delgado.

Through this success, the Creator Pedro Navaja According to the official Grammy website, he became one of the most idolized salsa artists in the, with this success, the singer-songwriter has won 12 awards in his career.

The album commemorates 45 years since its release Sowing In 1978, under the Fania label. Reuben Blades Presented this product in collaboration with Willie Callan, Considered the best-selling album in the history of the salsa genre.

Sowing: 45th Anniversary Seven themes are reflected for the first time Sowing They were performed sequentially, as originally presented. “Never, not even during our time with the band Willie CallanThe songs that make up the album were performed one after the other in public,” Blades noted on his website.

According to official information Sowing: 45th AnniversaryThe songs on this live version maintain the same tone as they were originally recorded and the arrangements are essentially the same as those used between 1977 and 1978.

Willie Colon criticizes the Grammys for the album award Sowing: 45th Anniversary

Willie Callan He expressed his displeasure to the organizers Grammy 2024Because of the award given to the album Sowing: 45th Anniversary In terms of Best tropical album ever.

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The composer and producer took to his social networks to point out that the new version of the album was “a clone” of the original release, and expressed regret that the Academy did not recognize his contribution, despite his extensive career and the successful albums Blades and He produced. To legend Hector Lao.

“I'm now pondering a serious question beyond mere fame. What happened to the clone of my album when I had no legal claim? Sowing Without my direct participation, is it consistent with the principles of equality and integrity?” questioned the artist.

“There it is Sowing In the original, I carefully assembled the staff, carefully selected the arrangers and songs, and made important decisions about the approach and style, the rhythms and harmonies used in the instruments. “Countless hours were spent in the studio overseeing all aspects of the album, creating performances in recording, mixing and remixing,” he explained.

As such, he questioned the recognition given to Salsero Sowing: 45 years Regardless of their original contribution to the album. While acknowledging that the process is legal, Golan insists on thinking about whether it “really embodies the ethical values ​​that are appreciated in the music industry.”

“Now it's confusing and easy for others to copy an album without my presence, and they did. Today I have to look painfully at a clone of my award-winning work. Grammy Without recognizing my contribution to the best tropical album,” he added.

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