SJL: Two criminals die in a road accident amid a police chase

Los SuspectsThey ran into those who fled on a motorcycle A wall of a houseIn Payover area. His death was imminent.

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This terrible accident happened in Jirón de la Salud. | Source: RPP / Eduardo Vargas

of Accused criminals He died in a violent accident in the middle Police chaseIn Lima District San Juan de Luricancho (SJL)

In conversation with RPPColonel PNP Marcial Rufino FloresChairman Dipole is 1The suspects – who were on a motorcycle – got lost and crashed into the wall of a house in Jirón de la Salud, in the Bayóvar area.

“Motorized patrol officers realized that these persons were driving a linear motorcycle in a suspicious manner. When they intervened, these citizens fled,” the high command said.

“You can see here where the bodies were found, there is a pier breaker. “The motorcycle crashed and as a result, it hit the berm of the garden and (the suspects) died instantly,” he added.

In research

Los Accused criminals were identified as Jefferson Ignacio Segura (30) who was driving a motorcycle, and Luis Angel Quevedo Zegarra (26)

While searching the bodies, the police found up to three cell phones Illegal acts.

According to police sources, Jefferson Ignacio Segura He has records of illegal drug trafficking, aggravated robbery and criminal gangs.

Neighbors called National Police and to authorities SJL It has become a scene to strengthen patrolling in the Bayover area Standard offenses.

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