Social Security USA 2024: It's Reasons to Pay Those Who Don't Work in the Country

Loopholes in United States Social Security allow people with no work history to receive monthly benefits.

The procedure for that Get pension Inside America It is characterized by its hardness, where requirements can get even more complicated, reaching the point of Applicants Months pass without receiving No fee. Ironically, some are necessary Must be followed Every feature Lay, Others find more flexibility in the system.

Although Innumerable Laws Legal loopholes regulating these payments allow people with no work history to receive benefits Social security. By A Investigation carried out by Only moneyFour of these gaps have been identified and can be exploited American citizens To receive your monthly check.

Social Security: How to Access It Without Working in the US

One of these gaps is relative Marital benefits. If a person marries someone Eligibility To get these Benefits, You can claim up to 50% of them as wife, Even if you don't meet the requirements for yourself Employment history.

Also, the Ex-spouses Married people At least 10 years They are entitled to 50% of their social security benefits. Former partner. This applies even if they have no work history of their own.

In case of death of owner Social securityHe wife The survivor can receive up to 100% of the worker's earnings. However, the total amount is subject to age Survivor At the time of death, and will require a procedure for calculating the pension to be received.

Although Benefits rest Social security Designed for people who choose to retire Social Security Administration Allows you to request them if needed and continue working.

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He Social Security in the United States Makes a commitment Pension want Tax payers People who are retired or unable to work. Despite some attempts at closure Legal loopholesThe system can still Benefits to individuals Those who do not work or contribute to the country.

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