Solar eclipse: NASA will conduct experiments during the event to study the atmosphere

As soon as the sun's light darkens, the space agency will launch three sounding rockets to Earth's surface.

Annular Solar Eclipse from Atlanta, USA. Photo: EFE.

The US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) uses it to analyze the April 8 solar eclipse. How Lack of Sunlight Affects the Atmosphere

During this astrological event, experts will launch three exploratory rockets to the Earth's surface. The purpose of the event is to observe how the ionosphere responds to the eclipse, said NASA astrophysicist Georgia Nolbo.

Rockets will launch 35 minutes before the eclipse, then during totality and 35 minutes after the event. Found in parts of Mexico, United States and CanadaThe space agency said.

Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, Astronomy, NAEclipse, Solar Eclipse, Astronomy. Photo: N.A

Nolbo explained Airplanes photograph the sun With this product you can Read “Crown”. The Sun in a unique way, since total eclipses are not very frequent on this planet.

This celestial event, which occurs on April 8, will darken the entire North American skyThe temperature drops and the birds stop chirping as night falls.

Solar eclipse, USAsolar eclipse. Photo: Archive.

NASA's New Robots to Send to the Moon  Photo by NASA/JPL-Caltech.

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Mini Explorers: These are the robots that NASA sends to explore the surface of the Moon.

How to watch the eclipse safely?

Scientists warn that you should wear sunglasses to witness this phenomenon and make sure they meet international standards. Directly looking at the sun can affect your eyesight.

Just looking at the star will damage the retina of the eye And the person doesn't feel any discomfort because they don't have pain receptors, that's why it is necessary to protect vision.

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Eclipse, Solar Eclipse, Astronomy, NAEclipse, Solar Eclipse, Astronomy. Photo: N.A

For those who like it Capture the celestial moment with your cell phone camera, they also have to follow certain steps to avoid damaging the lens of the devices. “If you want to take photos with an iPhone, cover the lens to protect the iPhone's sensors,” Nolbo said.

Another alternative See the shadow of the eclipse on the leaves of the treesBecause it works like a pinhole projector and there is no risk of damaging the vision.

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