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actor Ubalto HumanBetter known as Solo Cyril, He said that the shows of street comedians are from the past and that is why they are not well received by the public. He is currently shooting for ‘Santidad’ in Cusco.

I will finish shooting ‘Santidad’ on the 22nd, a proposal for Alan’s film and from there another film in Ecuador.r,” said the actor.

So, television is not in your plan…

No. Let’s say I am not addicted to television, now I am growing as a film actor. Solo Cirilo already has a place, suddenly and then we do a comedy show, but mark my differences with others.

Well, shows like ‘Giron del Humor’ by street comedians seem to not be getting the expected reception.

Some characters who have aired their personal lives have been caught in scandals Unfortunately, people don’t consider them.

You think they are not updated…

Of course it is the same, I think we have to see the hand of the producer and director. It won’t work if you’re going to put up pictures of laughter and salsa. Now other codes are handled, which are other times. Everything revolves around the Chinese, ugly and stupid, so people are tired of it.

Street comedians in the past…

They think and believe that they are being modernized by making music. Wearing bras and skirts is no joke. Comedy is supposed to make people laugh, and they come out carrying a coffin, and that’s not funny. It is a matter of direction, production and screenwriter.

Do you think the public has changed?

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Of course, it’s a younger audience. Imagine that this plan of two friends ‘talking nonsense’ is pointless, but young people love it, they put their mother in mind, and they insult you.

Have you ever been discriminated against as an actor for street comedy?

That’s right, but that was in the beginning. I have acting training.

Now you are in ‘Punitham’…

It is a critical comedy written and directed by Rodolfo Espinosa. My character is ‘Genaro’, he is a hard working and honest man but he is known to be spiteful and an expert in the art of revenge. He is a friend of the priest Benares, who admires and respects the old priest whom he fondly calls ‘Pinino’. But as critical as he is of society and injustice, Genaro tends to think above all else about his own skin. His sarcastic and irreverent nature caused him constant problems, and his outspokenness earned him hatred and sympathy alike.

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