Sona Gonzalez marvels at how her first intimacy was: “with a horse”

A few weeks ago, the Argentinian-born model made a confession about her personal life that affected many of her followers. What is it about?

Sona Gonzalez, in an interview for the channel Shirley Arica YouTubeSpicy details of his personal life were revealed, creating a stirSocial networks.

Sona GonzalezAs usual, she is usually very direct and specific with her expressions. Thus, after answering several questions about her work with her partner in Only Fans, Shirley Arica He was encouraged to ask him for advice about how he was in privacy for the first time.

Shona Gonzalez gets personal with the details of her first time

How did your first time with a horse come about?“I consulted the host of the YouTube site ‘EnTragos’. On her part, Sona clarified that she was riding the beast in the riding class.

“I rode, I was 12 years old, I rode … That horse jumped at one point and I felt something hurt me and it broke. “I broke my cervix while riding a horse,” explained the Argentinian model, causing everyone in the audience to burst into laughter.

Sona Gonzalez co-produced the tape for adults

And if they invite you from other leagues and want to record something more professional, will you accept or not?“The reality girl consulted without imagining the Argentinian model’s response.

“Yes they invited me but no because it was very little money compared to what we were earning in the first place. Also, it would break the spell that we are a real couple who love and care for each other and people will attack each other for it. If we are with more people, the magic will break, people will notice and we can’t. couldn’t”replied Sona Gonzalez.

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Sona Gonzalez on her recording routines for fans only with her husband

The object of his only fans did not go unnoticed, therefore Shirley Arica He took advantage of the moment to consult him about his routine on the aforesaid platform. “What’s the recording routine like, how many days a week do you record and what’s the lineup like?

Xoana Gonzales and her husband pose together for a photo on Instagram. | Source: IG Xoana Gonzales.

For her part, Sona Gonzalez explained what was consulted. “They are recorded on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We record four times a day and we choose the best two and they are uploaded on Tuesdays and Saturdays,” explained the model.

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