A public library network opens up new space for co-creation


Third on May 13, as part of Bosa Public Library’s birthday celebration Sala Labco in the capital, a space for community gatherings and capacity building around scienceTechnology and innovation aim at the social appropriation of knowledge.

“We have a new space that promotes learning through innovation for the city of Bosa, The new co-creation room seeks to enable users to create their projects through experimentation and development for the benefit of the community. The opening day, open to the public, will offer participants a variety of artistic interventions, workshops on robotics, 3D printing and video games, vertical gardens and sensory circuits., Rafael Tamayo, director of reading and libraries at the Ministry of Culture, Entertainment and Sports, and BibloRed confirmed.

Next Saturday May 13, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm, Various activities and workshops will be conducted The community needs to discover the possibilities offered by this new space.

Also, food will be collected for street animals throughout the day, residents of Bosa town should contribute to this cause by bringing food for dogs or cats.

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Schedule next May 13!

Let’s celebrate this new place

All public

From 9:30 A.M

Here we will talk about Labco, its industries and its potential. On this occasion, we will hold an art exhibition of the group.

Vertical orchards

Young and old – Tinta Silvestre Collective

10:30 am

Want to set up a vertical garden at home? This activity is for you! We are going to learn from Tinta Silvestre’s team how to create indoor gardens using recyclable materials such as bottles, cloths, mats and paper rolls. We are creating a podcast to create a memory of this process.

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creative expression

boys and girls

10:30 am

Want to know the progress of Ludimakers Club? Want to discover how robotics, 3D printing and video games interact? Hop aboard the Creative Express with the LudiMakers team. In this workshop, we will visit stations where we will have hands-on experiences with video games, robotics, 3D printing, and maker inventions. All stations

Circuits of emotions

All public

2:00 am

Have you ever wondered where in your body you feel your emotions? Does sadness, happiness, anger, or pain have a specific place in your body?

Find out in this workshop! Through mechanics and exercises, you will learn to recognize these emotions and the circuits they create in your body. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to create paper circuits that help you creatively visualize the emotions in your body.

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Let’s celebrate this new place

All public

Let’s celebrate the day with music from the urban music group Dead Point Crew.

We will wait for you!


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