Sophie Riegel is a young American psychologist who earns US$10,000 a month through her second-hand goods business. composition

There are business ideas that may seem ridiculous, but ultimately have great results. This is the story of Sophie Regal, a young woman from North Carolina, USA, who turned her spare time into a profitable business. Below I will tell you how she earned $10,000 a month by selling used clothes and used items found in her home and nearby stores.

Because of the pandemic, as a freshman Duke University In 2020, he faced an unusual situation. Then, while at home, he realizes that he has a lot of unused items and decides to sell them.

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Initially, Sophie sold some of her items and earned about $200. This led her to do more research, and she soon began exploring thrift stores in her area. In time, she reports, she started selling used clothes worth about $50 a day, generating a steady income. .

After graduating with a bachelor's degree in psychology, Sophie pursued her side business, which brought in nearly $123K in sales last year through sites like eBay, Mercury, and Boschmark.

Now, she sells about 10 items a day and devotes up to 25 hours a week to the activity, in addition to working as a professional writer and mental health consultant.

He learned by watching videos on YouTube

Since inception, Regal has earned over $192K in total net earnings. The final figure is slightly higher due to individual sales and other undocumented income.

Sophie has found success by researching brands and products that are in high demand on the second hand market. He also developed strategies to optimize his time and resources, such as studying the restocking catalogs of local stores.

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“I followed tons and tons of other resellers [en YouTube]”He points out. “I spent hours and hours learning the brands and learning how to use all the platforms. In my first year, I made about $70,000 in sales..

Despite the challenges of inventory tracking and administrative tasks, Sophie sees no reason to slow down her side business.

His second resale business accounts for nearly 70% of his 2023 earnings. This year, she expects a more even division, as she plans to devote more time to public speaking coaching and consulting.

Sophie plans to further expand her business using platforms such as YouTube to share her expertise and resell her consulting services.

For her, this job is not only a source of income, but also makes her happy and gives her a sense of independence and personal fulfillment.

“I'm going to do it as much as I can. Both [carreras] They make me happy”Regal says. “Both allow me to be free, and I don't have to choose between one or the other.”.

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