Villavicencio: Technology programs in public schools

It is an initiative of the National Government aimed at all Education Secretariats.

Schools must enroll at least 30 students in each program to be appointed as a SENA instructor for the next two years of the technique.

The project, which seeks to implement nine technology and innovation projects, in collaboration with SENA, socialized the tenth grade students before the rectors of the 54 official educational institutions of the capital of Meta.

It is an initiative of the national government targeting all education secretariats, including Villavicencio, with the involvement of the Ministry of ICT, the Army and the International Labor Organization (ILO) of the United Nations.

Technology projects that are part of this strategy include:

  • Implementation and maintenance of Internet of Things systems
  • Data Analysis Programming
  • Applications and services for the cloud
  • Mobile application
  • Systems Programming
  • Industrial Safety Control
  • Digital content
  • Software programming and maintenance of computer equipment

“It has been established that children and young people are significantly interested in the subject of technologies and information that is currently growing worldwide, therefore, the nine techniques indicated within the framework of the inclusion initiative have been prioritized,” said Adriana Sierra. Ochoa, coordinator of the program for this part of the country.

Schools have to enroll at least 30 students in each program and appoint Sena as instructor for the next two years of the technique.

“Along with traditional knowledge, technology and artificial intelligence must be incorporated in a timely manner into the learning processes of students,” said Leonardo Torres Rodríguez, Rector of Miguel Angel Martín School.

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