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The Lithium Triangle contains the world's largest lithium reserves. Photo: LR Composite. Video: France 24 Spanish

In the heart of South America lies a country that has emerged as the undisputed leader in lithium reserves, surpassing its neighbors: Peru, Chile and Argentina. This element – ​​key to the renewable energy and electromobility revolution – is found in abundance. Salar de UyuniIt has the largest lithium reserves in the world.

He Lithium Battery technology and sustainable energy are a key component in moving towards a future that is seen in abundance. South AmericaEspecially in three countries called 'Lithium Triangle'Contains a significant portion of the world's reserves of this valuable resource.

The 'Lithium Triangle'. Photo: World Order

Bolivia has the largest lithium reserves in the world

Bolivia has nearly 21 million tons of lithium, one of the world's largest reserves.According to Bloomberg. However, it faces challenges in infrastructure and technology for its effective exploitation. Despite this, the Andean nation has big plans for the development of its lithium industry, seeking not only to extract the mineral, but also to process it and become a key player in the global supply chain.

when Bolivia Such countries are still in the early stages of exploiting this resource Chile and Argentina They have already established their position in the global lithium market.

Growing demand for this mineral, driven by the battery and electric vehicle industry, has made Latin America a focus of global energy geopolitics.

Which country is the largest exporter of lithium in the world?

Chile, Australia and Argentina They lead the world in lithium production and exports. According to the cited source, Australia tops the list with significant production, followed by Chile, which exploits salt flats in the Atacama Desert.

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Argentina It plays an important role especially in Puna region. Taking advantage of growing demand and technological advancements in lithium extraction and processing, these countries have positioned themselves strategically in the market. List with top lithium exporting countries:

  • Chile: 9,300,000 tons
  • Australia: 6,200,000 tonnes
  • Argentina: 2,700,000 tons
  • China: 2,000,000 tons
  • United States: 1,000,000 tons
  • Canada: 930,000 tons
  • Zimbabwe: 310,000 tonnes
  • Brazil: 250,000 tons
  • Portugal: 60,000 tons.

Most of Bolivia's lithium is found in abundance in the Yuuni Salt Flats. Photo: Spread

Importance of lithium in the world

Lithium has become a global strategic resource, essential to the transition to clean energy and electromobility. Its demand has risen due to the growing market for batteries for electronic devices and electric vehicles.

Latin America, with its vast reserves, plays a key role in the supply chain of this mineral, facing the challenge of balancing economic exploitation with environmental sustainability and social development.

Lithium is considered the “new gasoline”.

High demand for lithium outpaces truly surprising market shares. Its price has more than doubled, and analysts predict it will increase even more in the coming years.

There is a special part of the world called The lithium triangle, which is located in South America between Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. 85% of the world reserves of this soft metal.

How is lithium extracted from the ground?

He Lithium is extracted from three types of depositss: Pegmatites, saline and sedimentary rocks. Brine deposits represent 66% of the world's lithium resources and are mainly found in salt flats Chile, Argentina, China Y Tibet.

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