Space Ecology: They begin work on reducing debris orbiting Earth

A mission by the space agency Rocket Lab explores how to dispose of space debris.

space junk, earth, space, galaxy. Photo: X

Space agency Rocket Lab USA launched “An Closer Inspection” with the aim of investigating how spaceflight began. Get rid of the garbage that surrounds the earth.

Almost 70 years after the launch of Sputnik, the first atmospheric satellite, space is filled with machines and experts. They fear that this scrap will contribute to light pollution on the planet. In addition to the danger represented by one of these large pieces of equipment falling to Earth.

The ADRAS-J satellite was developed by Atrocale Japan Inc and the company Departed on 19th February From Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 in New Zealand.

space junk, earth, space, galaxy.  Photo: Xspace junk, earth, space, galaxy. Photo: X

This surprise trip is the first step in an assessment of how space debris can be removed and processed. Future work in terms of sustainability.

Images taken by the Hubble Space Telescope.  Photo: X @NASA.

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Hazards of space debris

Once the active debris removal probe reaches its orbital position, it will analyze the debris orbiting the planet. A danger to humanity.

The ADRAS-J satellite is the first object to be probed Japanese H-2A rocket It has been in space since 2009.

space junk, earth, space, galaxy.  Photo: Xspace junk, earth, space, galaxy. Photo: X

In recent years, hundreds of objects have been launched into the galaxy with the aim of carrying out missions. However, over time they were forgotten and became a danger to the planet Its polluting potential and the immediate danger its fall represents.

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As per the estimates made in 2023, it is believed to exist More than 100 million pieces of space debris revolves around the earth. Because of this, in March of the same year, an international group of international scientists, space technologists and pollution experts came together to demand a legal treaty to protect humanity.

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