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Although almost intrinsically related to humor, Adam Sandler (New York, 1966) continues to reach out to the public through various programs. Check out his last four films before this.astronaut“, confirm.

From “Claw,” the entertaining story of his rise to life for an NBA 'talent scout', to “Mystery in Sight 2,” in which he creates a megastar of the industry through magic. The character of the brave detective, while the husband of Jennifer Aniston, “You're not invited to my bat mitzvah!”, a youth drama, he gets attention and gives it to his daughters until we reach. Leo”, an animated story in which he voices an old iguana – in the last part of his long existence – who discovers what he is. Live fully.

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Marked by an attempt not to repeat himself by following that path, “astronaut” (for its English title “Spaceman”) can be taken as a bit of a risky bet. It's an adaptation”Bohemian Astronaut”, a novel published in 2017 by Czech writer Jaroslav Kalfer.

The first thing that creates anticipation before watching the 107-minute film is the entire team behind it. From the adaptation of the novel Colby Day to the director Johan Renck – whose remarkable series “Chernobyl” (HBO, 2019) is recognized worldwide, of course, until reaching the interesting names that make up the cast.

Adam Sandler enters the drama with a sci-fi overtones. (Photo: Netflix)

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In this group, perhaps above all, Carey Mulligan (London, 1985) stands out, an actress who will compete for her first Oscar this March 10, thanks to the remarkable work of Felicia Montelegre, wife of Leonard Bernstein in “Maestro”, Bradley. Cooper's second film as director. Second, if we leave out Sandler, Paul Dano appears as the 'father' of Sammy Babelman, the main character in Steven Spielberg's latest hit, the proposed biopic “The Fabelmans”. After these names we also find Isabella Rossellini and Kunal Nayyar.

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in”astronaut”, Commander Jakub Proszaska (Shandler) approaches 200 days in a spacecraft that will take him to the previously unknown Chopra Cloud. His solo mission means he has to take care of everything inside the old machine that keeps him in space. Not only can you contact the European Space Station, but also fix the bathrooms, serve your meals, and of course, extract samples from the aforementioned cloud. However, the viewer will soon understand that this is not a film about a space adventure.

enough The chemistry between Mulligan and Sandler resembles an emotional drama. (Photo: Netflix)

We're not even 20 minutes in when some kind of spider-shaped monster appears out of nowhere inside Jakub's ship. However, his appearance (with as many eyes as his hands) attracted attention not so much as his command of language, but above all his ability to understand some theoretical doubt that anyone could imagine.

Although it is the choice of the audience to follow the film in its original language and trust the subtitles or to do so in its dubbed version, the truth is that they will not see many differences in this character called by Jakub. Hanus (Paul Dano), ), unfolds before its human host. The giant arachnid – as he is called by a certain name – displays such warmth in his every line that he easily becomes a lovable character. So, Dano and his voice actor make it possible — at least in English and Spanish,”astronaut” is not just about giving advice and lessons.

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This is an occasion to mention directing this adaptation Johann Renck It's not even the film industry's first attempt to put space at the center of a sci-fi proposition. For example, there is no need to resort to the best classics, but first, “Rescue Mission” (2015), a remarkable film by Ridley Scott, in which Matt Damon (Mark Watney) must live alone. On Mars, after his crew abandoned him, he was unaware that he had survived a terrible accident. And secondly, more recently, in “The Season of Glory” (2020), a Discovery Channel series that told the story of the first astronauts the United States sent into space.

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In their own way,”astronaut” These two above mentioned products can be included in the broad category of compilation. The Netflix film quickly escapes from the scientific/spatial and clearly hints at a more personal/emotional side, as soon as Hanus peels back every layer involving his hosts, apparently his accomplishments, experts. , he has set aside what has become ironic: his wife Lenka (Carey Mulligan).

Kunal Nayyar Peter, Jakub's connection with the European Space Station. (Photo: Netflix)

The appearance of the 'giant arachnid' opens the second and longest phase of the film. Commander Prochaska refuses at first, but agrees to confess to his visitor why everything is broken in his family of two. Hanus demonstrates that he has enviably cultivated a listening capacity (“Even if he had all the knowledge of men, I could not understand it”), but above all a cold facility for giving diagnoses (“You may have many limitations, perhaps they are the causes of your loneliness”), of which few of us are. Can be seen as a strange 'space therapy'.

“Maybe my presence will ease your loneliness,” Hanus blurts forcefully at one point. At some point, of course, “astronaut”Yes, it is a film about loneliness, but it is also about emotional frailties and flaws. Sometimes, we have to strain love to the max, ignoring the fact that the day may come when our boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse gets fed up and decides to end it all forever.

Hanus is voiced by Paul Dano, Jakub's 'therapist' in space. (Netflix)

Chopra's drama of how his wife leaves him when he is yet to complete his journey towards the cloud leaves our protagonist in a state of panic. To depict aspects of the love of a couple on the verge of collapse, Johan Renck decides to intersperse the conversations between Jakub and Hanush with many flashbacks of happy moments, first arguments, lies, but also small tragedies of the bond between them. commander Prochaska and Lenka. Appealing to this source is useful in part of the film, but it certainly exhausts and creates, for example, the feeling that Mulligan's talent could have been better used.

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Comparatively, “astronautFar from projects like “Rescue Mission” and far from the likes of “The Session of Glory”, although the attempt to capture technically – more in the second part than in the first – a real atmosphere is felt. Heavy clothing, water droplets floating inside the spaceship, stars seen through the ship's windows, etc. However, the latter is affected by some inexplicable source, such as advertising (visually or vocally) of the protagonist's products. Marriage to a meeting.


Summary: After six months in the far reaches of the solar system, astronaut Jakub (Adam Sandler) realizes his marriage won't last until he returns to Earth. Desperate to mend things with his wife Lenka (Carey Mulligan), he turns to Hanus (voiced by Paul Dano), a mysterious creature hidden in the heart of the ship, who helps him understand the complexities of their relationship before it's too late. Based on the novel The Bohemian Astronaut, the film directed by Johan Renck also stars Kunal Nayyar, Isabella Rossellini and Lena Olin.

Director: Johann Renck

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