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Follow the soap opera. Ana Paula Spouse He posted a huge warning on social media, which later came amid controversy Paolo Guerrero. La Garota, who is in Brazil, shows no signs of coming to Peru, promising that it is not worth the silence.

Tram – Ana Paula

“No, keep calm, you're not pretty. You're beautiful when you fight, when you fight for yourself, when you don't shut up, when words bite, when you open your mouth, and when you're on fire around you.”, The first part of the reflection says.

The message goes on to highlight: “No, be still, you are not beautiful, but still a little dead, and if I know anything about you, I never saw anyone who could live so much. scream”.

Ana leaves Paula Guerrero alone in Trujillo, Janet compares her to Alondra Garcia Miro

Janet Barbosa attacked Ana Paula Spouse Not accompanied by Paulo Guerrero in his official presentation in Trujillo, he remains a player of the Universidad Cesar Vallejo club. Garota was conspicuous by her absence and didn't dedicate a single message to him on social media and the curvy girl compared her to her exes.

“Ana Paula was conspicuous by her absence, she went with him to Ecuador and Argentina, and it was obvious to us that she did not like Peru. Now, let's remember that Paolo was with Alondra and Taisa at a time like this”under control.

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