Sporting Cristal 2024 transfers: transfer market, renewals, additions, departures, rumors for Ligue 1 Peru and Copa Libertadores

Sporting Cristal’s bosses are already preparing a squad that will compete in Ligue 1 and the opening stages of the Copa Libertadores in 2024.

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At Sporting Crystal, they know there is no margin for error next season, which is why the Sky Chiefs are looking for top-class players to tackle Ligue 1 2024 and beyond. Libertadores Cup. What will be the club’s additions, deletions and updates?

Sporting Crystal Transfers 2024

Maximum Low Update Rumors
Diego Nunes (DT) Ignacio da Silva Alejandro Hohberg (departure)
Leonardo Diaz Adrian Ugarriza (loan)
Gianfranco Chavez (conversations) Nilsson Loyola (departure)
Martin Tavara (Conversations) Lewis Roll (Offer)
Irvan Avila (conversations) Yoshimar Yotún (Exit to U)
Diego Daubov (Possible TD)
Christopher Gonzalez (offer)

First casualty confirmed Game Crystal This is due to coach Tiago Nunes, who was recently announced as Botafogo’s new coach, leaving his country; Brazil.

Names to replace him have started circulating in various media, however, Renato Paiva will be one of the frontrunners to lead the ‘Celesti’, although they are handling all negotiations in a reserved manner.

Fans of the Rimac team are starting to worry about Yoshimar Yoden’s potential, no less reaching the Universitario. The truth is that Crystal is relieved that the current contract with the 33-year-old midfielder will be honoured.

On the other hand, some players like Alejandro Hohberg, Adrian Ugariza, Nilsson Loyola will go on loan.

What will happen to Yotún?

What is certain about Yoshimar Yoden’s future right now is that he has a current contract with Sporting Crystal. President Joel Rafo has publicly stated that they have no intention of talking to any Peruvian club to see a potential transfer. From the Universitario side, Jean Ferrari said they have already sent a proposal to his representative.

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