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At the end of the match between Sporting Cristal and Universitario, the coaches of both teams had a heated exchange. After that, both Nunes and Fossati were fired.

There is no doubt that the meeting between Sporting Crystal vs. UniversitarioThe date of the 2023 Clausura match is 13 League 1 Betson, it lived intensely from beginning to end. Both teams were at their best despite not winning when it came to breaking the deadlock at the National Stadium. Of course, the intensity was not only on the playground, but on the benches, where Diego Nunes Y George Fossati They played a thrilling moment at the end of the match.

In the added minutes, the technicians engaged in a heated debate that almost ended in blows. Immediately, the two were separated by their coaching staff and players while Kevin Ortega, the match’s main referee, analyzed the situation.

Sporting Cristal and Universitario football players faced each other on the field, but the referee ended up separating them. Of course, before resuming action at the National Stadium, he flashed the card to Diego Nunes and Jorge Fossati as they headed to the locker room.

Sporting Crystal vs. University: What’s Coming

After the match against Universitario de Deportes, Sporting Cristal will focus on its next challenge. Their opponent is César Vallejo University, who they will visit on Thursday, September 21, starting at 8:00 pm (Peruvian time) at the Mancich Stadium in Trujillo.

It should be noted that the teams led by Thiago Nunes have been one of the most consistent teams in the national championship, adding 16 wins, 12 draws and only one loss. Therefore, they will try at any cost to accumulate as many points as possible, aiming to win the 2023 Clausura tournament and play in the finals of Betsson Ligue 1.

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Universitario, for its part, will prepare for the match against Sport Boys. The same match at the Memorial Stadium will start at 8:30pm on Wednesday, September 20.

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