Technical support is the power of microcredit

In an increasingly connected and dynamic world, technological development has become a major driver of change in terms of social inclusion. Technology is emerging as a powerful ally in opening doors to access to credit, providing an opportunity to raise living standards through significant housing improvements.

In this Act, Technology companies used in financial markets are collaborating with social enterprises to develop their microcredit programs. The aim is to give non-profit foundations quick access to the credit history of unbanked people who want financing to improve their quality of life, at interest rates below the market average.

According to data from Decent Home Trust, the housing shortage affecting Argentina is 3.5 million houses, of which 60% are units with existing but quality problems. This means that even if a family has access to a house, these spaces have disadvantages such as lack of plaster, lack of flooring, dangerous bathrooms. In this context, social microcredit plays a fundamental role in solving these housing problems.

pointed out Fernando ColladoDirector of Micro Credits Decent Home Trust“Microcredit focuses on quality improvement of housing. Our beneficiaries are families who do not have access to bank loans.”

And he clarifies: “Technology allows us to quickly access reports and therefore provide more loans to people who are not included in the financial system, by obtaining information about their payment behavior in non-traditional channels such as hardware stores, clothing stores. Or non-bank financial institutions. Also, with their commitment to the initiative of the Foundation. In addition, by being able to analyze households’ ability to pay earlier, recipients of microcredits have a higher percentage of payment compliance.”

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Alliance with big companies

In addition to the microcredit initiative for unbanked families, Tigna Housing Foundation has partnered with organizations to provide microcredits to their employees so they can improve housing quality by accessing microcredit with minimal requirements. By working with business reports, the foundation can evaluate the profiles of various segments.

These are families with jobs. Have their own place.

The role of technology

The universe of Microloans It has been around for decades, but today there is a peculiarity to technological development: it is necessary to provide loans for social purposes. This is the case Microloans Offered by Digna Housing Foundation, since the inception of the project, in 1994, it has already reached more than 9 thousand loans.

Generated business reports are designed to provide customers and partners with reliable data, helping to reduce collections and arrears in inflationary environments. Additionally, the query response speed rate allows for the establishment of such impactful business relationships Decent Home Trust.

In the panorama where technology merges with social work, barriers can be broken down. Formed with a vision to provide housing opportunities to those most in need, this alliance proves that digitization can be a bridge to an inclusive future.

power Microloans Backed by technology, it reminds us that the union of finance and technology can open doors to improved homes and transformed lives, paving the way for an equitable and just society.

Director of SIISA, used for intelligence data

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