Sports University Jose Carvalho admitted that Alianza Lima’s Franco Janelato grabbed him by the neck after the Ligue 1 final.

The former Universitario goalkeeper has revealed the details of the controversial episode in Matute against Alianza Lima in the last Ligue 1 2023 final.

Jose Carvalho admits to grabbing Alianza Lima player by the neck | Libero composition

Sports University 2023 achieved the Ligue 1 title in a spirited contest against its arch-rival, Lima AllianceIn addition to the goals, it had many controversies and one of them involved former Merengue goalkeeper Jose Carvalho.

In a recent interview with a journalist Oscar Dell PortalThe goalkeeper was surprised to mention the striker Franco Janelato He grabbed his neck and pulled it out of the intimate painting.

However, the national goalkeeper indicated that if he met him on the street, he would greet him in the same way because he knew that he had fever when his actions played in this match. Modute Stadium.

“At the end Franco Zanelatto grabbed my neck and pulled me, but nothing, nothing will happen in the final, because if I see him I congratulate him well, because I know it’s match fever.”He mentioned on the show ‘Beyond the Portal’.

Franco Janelato at Alianza Lima

Jose Carvalho is no longer a varsity player

It should be noted that Jose Carvalho He announced his resignation Sports University After winning the final Liga 1 2023So his arrival at César Vallejo for 2024 is official.

Carvalho promised that he would return to the Universitario

The 37-year-old goalkeeper indicated at one point that he was certain he would return to the Merengue, but he insisted it would be in another capacity.

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“I feel comfortable with the decision I’ve made because I know the ‘U’ is my home and I’ll be back at any time to continue to contribute to the ‘U’ and of course in another aspect that is the club continues to grow.”Came to know.

How much is Jose Carvalho worth?

According to the international portal Transfermarkt, the goalkeeper has a current value in the transfer market of 175 thousand euros. It is important to emphasize that this is not the highest number in his career as he was worth 450k in 2015.

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