SSN: Last Earthquake in Mexico Today November 18 – Time, Location and Magnitude | composition

Follow the National Seismic Service’s (SSN) official report on the latest earthquakes in Mexico today, November 18, with the time, location and magnitude of the epicenter.

Mexico lies near five major tectonic plates: the Cocos, North American, Pacific, Rivera, and Caribbean plates. These constantly come into contact with each other, causing friction and tension, which eventually form in the form of tremors. According to the official report from the National Seismic Service (SSN), I share details of the location, time, and epicenter of the telluric movements that occurred throughout the region, as well as news about the tremors that occurred in Mexico on Saturday, November 18.

November 18th Tremors in Mexico today

The National Seismological Service (SSN) is an important organization responsible for monitoring, analyzing and providing information on seismic activity in the country. It plays an important role in ensuring public safety and preparedness for seismic events.

Below is a list of today’s earthquakes:

If you’d like to learn a little more about the National Seismic Service, I’ve posted a video below from UNAM that explains what the organization is and what it does. Hope this clears your doubts:

More about the earthquake in Mexico

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