State of emergency in Cercado de Lima and Lince 2023: restrictions, schedules and when it will last | Answers

The problem of insecurity of citizens in metropolitan Lima is sought to be combated by the government through exceptional measures that affect the peace of the people. He Emergency Officially expanded to include districts in the capital Tax Y surrounded by It will now have a heavy police presence and will be governed by legal regulations adopted by the Peruvian state. Find out why it was mandated as such and when the government provision will be administered in the above jurisdictions.

Why did the government declare Linz and Cercato de Lima districts under a state of emergency and when will it take effect?

Around the end of September 2023, the Government (PCM) through the leadership of the Cabinet decided to initiate an announcement. Emergency In many jurisdictions of the country, but especially in Lima, demarcation is related to both Tax And this surrounded by Due to the high incidence of crime and organized crime they are included in the legal terms.

By publication replaces that A government decree reveals that both districts “begin an active presence of the Peruvian National Police (PNP).Control of internal order with the support of the armed forces, the police agency determines the areas where support is needed”.

A day before the move was made official in El Peruano, head of the cabinet, Addressing reporters at the government headquarters, it was decided to add to the occasion Tax And this Lima Valley Given the recommendations and reasons contained in the reports issued by the PNP, we will review below:

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Lima Valley

The district has the second highest crime rate in the capital, after San Juan de Lurigancho (SJL).


  • Identify more than 7 points where human trafficking crimes occur
  • Mafias dedicated to extortion, pimping and clandestine prostitution

We want to protect the safety and lives of Peruvians and their businesses“, the PCM president pointed out regarding the inclusion Tax Y Lima ValleyDistricts participating in the initial initiative were enacted to intervene in 2 other Lima jurisdictions and several located in the north of the country.

from Wednesday, October 11 will rule Supreme Decree 114 It establishes the application and compliance of restrictions, interventions by armed forces and sanctions over a period of time.

Until what time can meetings be held in Linz and Cercato de Lima under the state of emergency?

He Supreme Decree 105 Updated on 114 included Tax Y Lima Valley,It was endorsed by the PCM, which established measures for military intervention up to armed forces, and adopted measures to control and immobilize the population for a period of time.

For example, he Article No. 4 It says that meetings and gatherings of people in both jurisdictions will be subject to suspension for the duration of the emergency.

The regulations in this section refer to all social events, discos, concerts, other events or similar establishments that operate or operate at night. Tax Y surrounded by Within Metropolitan Lima, they will only be carried up to 12 amThat is, from midnight 4 am Properly, gatherings and mass gatherings will be prohibited.

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for a time 4 hoursThe Declaration of Emergency In the districts of Lima, the PNP and the Armed Forces will work hard to coordinate patrols, night operations and immigration and the National Security Services, National Surveillance Control of Arms, Ammunition and Explosives (SUCAMEC). For example, it seeks to reduce crime by eliminating gangs or catching criminals.

How long will the state of emergency be in effect in Linz and Cercato de Lima according to Supreme Decree 114?

With the aim of pacifying the country and fighting organized crime, the government finally considered the request of the mayors of Linz and Cercato de Lima. Emergency to their respective districts, and by Supreme Decree 105 with change 114Try to positively influence the victims of street robberies, extortion, kidnapping and killers.

The period of validity of the measure is correct as stated in the first article of the Government Resolution 60 calendar days In principle, after its expiry, the PNP will have 5 business days to provide and publish a detailed report on the results obtained during the exemption regime.

Taking into account that Supreme Decree 114 Restrictions and suspension of the exercise of the constitutional rights of every citizen residing in Linz and Cercato de Lima for approximately 2 months, until the expiration of the validity period of the provision December 11 The year is 2023.

What other districts in Peru have been declared a state of emergency in effect for 60 calendar days?

as well as Tax Y Lima Valley In the central zone of the city, other districts of Peru are included Declaration of Emergency Who approved PCM.

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If you live in the province Sullana Pay attention to the following list of requirements of the Pura Department, which must be met as specified. Supreme Decree 105 Regarding crime and anti-crime measures:


Beautiful view



In Queretaro

Ignacio Escudero

Miguel Sega

It should also be noted that the demarcations of SJL Y San Martin de PorresThey are also built into government regulations, and since September 19 they have been subject to police and military interventions with more than positive results.

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