Bonus for IVSS Pensioners 2023: Payment Schedule with New Amounts | October 2023 | How much is the bonus fee?

Bonus for IVSS Pensioners 2023: Payment Schedule with New Amounts |  October 2023 |  How much is the bonus fee?

In this note review all the details of the bonus payment related to the month of October, which is now in the Patria system.

In this reference you can know the bonus payment schedule for pensioners. | Composition: Libero.

Bonus Payment in Venezuela 2023 – Latest News | The rule of Nicolás Maduro Announced that the bonus for the month of October is now available. As you may recall, this economic benefit is aimed at the public sector including teachers, retirees, but do you know how to collect it? It can be seen in this note.

If you want to know all the details of this benefit that seeks to help the citizens of Venezuela in the midst of the socioeconomic crisis that the Caribbean country is facing, do not hesitate to review the following lines, because we will give you much more. Updated information.

Bonus Pay Schedule 2023 for Pensioners

Until now, the regime of Nicolás Maduro Dates for disbursement of bonus to pensioners have not been established. But it seems that the schedule will be available on Patria channel in coming October days. But the Public sector employees, including the Ministry of Education, can be paid from October 10.

What is the bonus amount for pensioners?

It is important to note that an exact amount has not been established, but may be higher than the previous amount. The purpose of the benefit is to provide financial assistance to pensioners.

There are no confirmed dates for bonus payments yet.

For its part, for civil servants in the public sector, the amount varies depending on the category and salary scale:

  • Civil servants without a university degree: Between 130 and 197 bolivars depending on your position.
  • Public servants: Between 520 and 788 bolivars, depending on the region.
  • Higher Technical University (TSU) 218 bolivars.
  • Technicians II: 254 bolivars.
  • Rank III Professionals: up to 379 bolivars in Rank III
  • Professionals: 1,516 bolivars, depending on your position and size.
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Bonus Pay Schedule 2023 for Public Employees

Next, you can find out Possible dates for payment of bonus For public servants.

  • October 10: First month of bonus
  • November 15: Second month of bonuses
  • November 30: Bonus third month
  • December 15: Fourth month of bonuses
  • December 23: Sistema Patria special bonus of $150 for all public administration employees

Bonus Amount 2023

Public sector employees get bonus as per salary scale. In previous years, the Venezuelan government deposited three months’ salary for employees.

How many days is the legal bonus in Venezuela?

The ‘Organic Law of Labour, Men and Women Labourers’ establishes that the beneficiary receives at least a bonus. Equal to thirty calendar days, i.e. one month.

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