Stellandis has technology that makes 28 million cars less polluting than an electric car

E-Fuels: A Solution for Existing Vehicles

As electric vehicles are positioned in the automotive industry as a key solution for reducing carbon emissions, a full transition to an electric vehicle fleet remains a challenge. This is part of the need for adequate charging infrastructure, which presents significant logistical and investment challenges. It is in this context E-fuels or electronic fuels are emerging as a promising solution.

Stellandis and Aramco are jointly exploring the potential of e-fuels as a potential alternative. Amazingly, they discovered that around 28 million European cars manufactured since 2014 are compatible with advanced e-fuels without making changes to their propulsion systems. These low-carbon e-fuels can be used in this way These vehicles are direct replacements for conventional petrol and diesel. Research suggests that this technology can reduce CO2 emissions by 70% over the lifetime of these cars. A very attractive option to immediately address carbon emissions.

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