Strike against Antamina: Protesters sign a document with the mining company after trying to take over the company’s camp at Ankash.

What agreements were reached?

After reaching an agreement with the protestors, Antamina representatives signed minutes specifying two points:

♦ Preparation of technical file for Tingo Chico-Llata-Antamina highway will continue.

♦ This November 15, 2023, the leadership of the Council of Ministers convenes a dialogue table with the city of Lata.

Ancash lawyer explains details of document signed between protestors and Antamina mining company. Latin

Antamina report

The mining company released a statement on the situation on Friday morning, September 29. In this sense, they indicated that approximately 400 people came out of the camp. They also mentioned that they tried to enter the vehicular access area.

“No servant Antamina He was injured during these incidents. This was confirmed by a representative of the Ministry of Public Affairs of Huari Province who was at the scene of the events. There was no further material damage. “The company’s metallurgical mining operations have not been affected or interrupted,” it said.

Police presence outside the mining company

Infobae Peru He assured that the situation could be brought under control after coming to terms with the protesters. Likewise, he confirmed police presence from the San Marcos Police Station outside the mining camp as part of security.

Infobae Peru has been able to verify that the situation is under control Infobae Peru

The Congressman is speaking

Through her social networks, Avanza País congresswoman, Patricia Kirinos, He spoke about the situation in Antamina camp. In this sense, he invited the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otterola, to intervene. “Enough progress,” the legislator said.

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Congresswoman Patricia Chirinos spoke about the situation in the Antamina mining camp Patricia Chirinos

Carlos Flores, The mining company’s engineer gave details of the contracts and the hurdles they face in fulfilling the promise. Meanwhile, protesters are waiting for answers.

“During that time, Antamina has shown a great willingness to cooperate in pre-investment studies. […] The Ministry of Health can continue the program as long as the physical land is healthy. […] “They have told us what level of health facilities they are funding,” he pointed out.

Carlos Flores, engineer of the mining company, provided details of the contracts | Demarcation point

The attorney draws up the minutes

The lawyer on duty came to the facilities to check some damage to the mining facilities.

Acting Attorney Antamina | Demarcation point draws a report on the situation

They sign the contract

Residents and representatives of Antamina sign minutes of agreements reached after reaching the outskirts of the mining camp.

Mining company representatives and protesters sign agreements | Demarcation point

Officers arrive outside Antamina

Representatives from the Office of the Attorney General, members of the PNP and Antamina personnel have also visited the mining facilities.

They hope to sign the minutes

Representatives of the mining company are talking to residents who have come out of the camp. It is clear that the situation is somewhat calm now. They also mention that they are waiting for the agreements to be signed.

Residents are waiting for representatives of the mining company to provide relevant minutes.

Conversation table

According to the information Canal NThe mining company will establish a Conversation table Agreements should be reached with the protesters. One of the residents’ complaints is about the company’s promises regarding plans and technical reports.

Residents arrived at the mining company’s camp located in the San Marcos district. Angel Duran Leon

The protesters arrived at the camp

This is how the protesters arrived at the Antamina mining camp. Otb Tazo

Workers are isolated

Infobae Peru He spoke to a worker who said they were quarantined and work was temporarily halted. Also, this happened when some people went to lunch. So far, the mining company has not commented officially or through a statement.

Protesters radio head of mining and conflict on the border between Huanuco and Ancash
Citizens take over Antamina Mining Company as part of strike action to demand delivery of promised works | Otb Tazo

Protesters took over Antamina facilities

Residents came to the mining company located in Ancash, San Marcos District. In this way it can be observed that the soldiers are trying to evict the residents.

Protesters enter Antamina Mining Camp (RPP).

Three people were injured in the clash

Residents of the province Humalis They marched against the mining company Antaminalocated Ankash. At this stage, reports indicate that there have been clashes between the protesters and the Nacimiento del Perú Police (PNP), in which three people have been injured so far. RPP

Through social networks, many videos and photographs were shared of Protestants reaching and entering the miners’ camp. This is how the conflict started, where the troops fired teargas shells.

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Head of Defense Front of Humalis Province, Miguelina Medrano, He pointed out that the reason for their participation in the demonstration was the non-compliance from the Antamina side regarding the projects for the community.

“Antamina has been committed for 10 years to carry out our projects and infrastructure works for roads and hospitals, but till date they have not been fulfilled,” he told Radio Lata.

Huanuco: Three injured in clashes between police and protesters against Antamina mining company (RBP)

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