Supreme Prosecutor’s Office opens preliminary investigation into Justice Minister in Los Cullos Blancos del Puerto case | Eduardo Arana | Walter Rios Mondalvo | César Hinostroza | Latest | principle

The first Supreme Prosecutor’s Office, which specializes in crimes committed by public officials, opened a preliminary investigation against the Minister of Justice, Eduardo AranaAfter the audio broadcast with ex-judge Walter Ríos Montalvo.

The head of the Minjusd will be tried as an instigator of the crime of exerting adverse influence to the detriment of the Peruvian state and, alternatively, bribery in a specific act.

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Includes investigation Mondalvo riversAs a senior judge and president of the High Court of Gallo, the accused is guilty of the offense of exercise of undue influence and bribery in specific action in the alternative.

As recalled, a press report published by Epicentro TV heard a conversation with Ríos Mondalvo, who was sentenced to 12 years in prison, in which he mentions “goodness” to expand “execution of a sentence”.

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In addition, Canal N released this Friday the audio of a conversation between Hinostroza Pariachi – whose extradition to Peru has already been approved by Spain – with Arana Ysa, the new head of justice and human rights.

According to the media, The recording began on April 5, 2018 and is part of the CNM Audio case. Hours earlier, the Minjust leader had ruled out stepping down in light of revelations about phone calls with members. “White Necks of the Port”.

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In the clip, Arana Ysa mentions a meeting with a certain person “Francisco” talk about “Medium Term Plan” of Hinostroza pariachy. He also throws some compliments at her.

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The current justice minister also mentions that they have a fugitive ex-judge “Multiple Invoice Receivable” That can be done “Make them detailed”.

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about, Eduardo Arana He denied that there was audio of illegal content Caesar Hinostroza And said he did not know who the former magistrate accused of being the head of the criminal organization was. “White Necks of the Port”.

In his statements to Canal N, he indicated that he has experience in the administration of justice and that his work has involved members, judges and presidents of high courts.

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“In principle, I want to categorically deny that this audio or any other content being disseminated, or any illegal activity or solicitation. I completely deny it. “They’re not going to find anything, because really – as I mentioned – I’m coming from the quarries of the justice system.”He revealed.

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