Teacher Salary in Peru 2024: What are the Current Amounts in the New Salary Scale | Answers

All indications are that the Peruvian executive has proposed new changes to various measures, with some still pending. In this case, the teacher salary has undergone a significant change after the salary hike was officially announced. Teachers in Peru. The purpose of this salary proposal is to recognize the hard work of educators and improve their economic status. In the following note, you can find out everything that is known about the topic.

What is the minimum salary for teachers?

In case of a contracted teacher, they are paid monthly according to the working hours established for the mode, form, position or cycle of rendering services. Teachers who work less than a fixed working day are paid monthly according to their contractual hours.

For appointed teachers, Full Monthly Remuneration (RIM) is usually an amount paid based on their teaching volume and working day.

About the 220 SOL bonus for teachers and assistants in Peru

To financially and professionally support teachers, teachers and professionals belonging to the Common Teaching Mission (CPM) Teacher In its training and disciplinary proceedings, the Mined And this Sudep It agreed to benefit them in 2023 by providing an exceptional and extraordinary economic sum. 220 soles.

According to information shared by a single site called Based on, and within the framework of, the dialogue held by both parties Collective Bargaining Agreement 2023-2024 One of the signed, proposed, and agreed-upon contracts indicates that more than half a million teachers appointed and employed nationally will receive this new. Let's go Validity of free education and public schools with the aim of guaranteeing the continuity of school classes throughout the country during this period.

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It should be noted that in addition S/220 They will be directed towards teachers from schools managed by the Ministry of Defense and professors working in basic educational institutions. Let's go Exceptional, but this method is equivalent S/380 Payable in the first quarter of 2024.

It is important to specify the payment Let's go for teachers Established early next year, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) will be administered and launched. S/220 If they are reflected in the bank accounts of the beneficiaries in a particular month in 2023.

Who are the beneficiaries and how much is the 2024 school bonus?

Schooling bonus is for public sector employees. However, not everyone can afford the S/400 amount. Here we tell who the beneficiaries are

  • Legislative Decree no. 276, Act no. 29944 and Act no. Officers and employees appointed and employed under the labor regime of 30512
  • University faculty referred to in Act No. 30220
  • Ordinance no. Health workers referred to in paragraph 3.2 of article 3 of 1153
  • Permanent and Temporary Employees in Public Sector
  • Personnel of the Armed Forces and the National Police of Peru
  • Act no. 15117, Ordinance Laws no. 19846 and no. 20530, Supreme Decree No. 051-88-PCM and Act no. 28091 includes state dependent pensioners.
  • Prison staff receive bonuses for schooling, Law no. According to the provisions of paragraph 1 of Article 24 of 29709, the Special General Prison Industry Law
  • Act no. According to number 7.2 of article 7 of 31953, public sector employees who are under the labor regime of private activity receive a schooling bonus.
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On what day do school classes start in Peru in March 2024?

Minedu submitted a report titled “Guidelines for the Provision of Educational Services in Institutions and Educational Plans of Basic Education for the Year 2024”, indicating that school classes across the country will begin and end on Monday, March 11. Friday, December 20.

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