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The Supervisory Authority of Congress He called Wilfredo Ascorima, the regional governor of Ayacucho, on Tuesday, April 9, to report on the Rolex watches he had given the president. In Boluarte.

The task force headed by Congressman Segundo Montalvo (Perú Libre) plans to ask him about the details of the purchases of the watches: the dates and place of his purchases, prices, receipts for transactions and related events “before””; that is, before the Comptroller General of the Republic.

Lawyer Humberto Abando, Oscorima's legal guardian, confirmed that his client will go to Congress. The session is scheduled at 3pm and will be mixed.

Last March, Oskorima denied having supplied the watches to the President. “I am going to be sure. This is a hoax by bad people who want to harm the President. I have nothing to do with this issue,” he said.

However, that version changed through his lawyer and through statements from the President who contacted him directly last Friday.

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According to Boluarte's latest version, Oscorima “loaned” him the watches, but he has already returned them.

“I have to admit that it was a mistake to borrow these watches. My friend Wilfredo Ascorima, my Wakey, my brother, lent them to me. Perhaps the desire to represent my country led me to accept that debt. I have already returned them,” he told a press conference.

In this case, the Attorney General's office is investigating him on charges of illegal enrichment and failure to record a statement in documents.

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Last Thursday, Oskorima went to the prosecutor's office as a witness but chose to remain silent. He is expected to stand trial.

Abando recently announced that this Wednesday, April 10, they will visit the attorney general's office again, this time displaying a Rolex Date Just watch that the governor said he bought in 2023.

“Punto Final” revealed last Sunday that Oscorima Ayacucho, president of Wari Llaqta Governor Regional Movement, businessman Esperanza Rojas Gutiérrez, signed a contract for S/ 22 million for a work whose budget was changed by the Boluarte government.

In addition, Boluarte's administration approved the granting of S/ 100 million in support of the regional government of Ayacucho last March, several months after Oscorima “loaned” high-end watches to the president.


The audit office will decide this Tuesday whether to request the commission's powers of inquiry into the Rolex case. The request, if passed, would be presented to a full session of Congress.

He accepted the request last Tuesday, but reconsidered.

In the same session, Acting Attorney General, Juan Carlos Villana, reported the expansion of the investigation against Polwart for the Rolex case. It should also investigate deposits of unknown origin received by the President in 11 bank accounts, totaling S/ 1.1 million, an increase in assets of S/ 432 thousand, and the possession of Cartier, which he recorded in his sworn statements over two years. The brand reportedly bought a bracelet worth US$56,000 and other jewellery.

Pollarde was summoned to that session but did not appear, arguing that the case was already being investigated by the Public Ministry and that he had “special immunity”.

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