Teacher's Day Bonus 2024: How to Collect Today with Beneficiaries and Systema Patria | MPPE authors

Check out how teachers can access this new grant in the coming days. Has the fee schedule been announced yet?

Find out more details about the payment of teaching staff in Venezuela in January 2024.

Hundreds of citizens in the country have received various bonuses granted by the government of Nicolás Maduro, among the group of beneficiaries were teachers, who celebrated on January 15. Teacher's Day. In this sense, many are waiting for the official confirmation of payment through the Patria system.

However, there is no such grant in the plains country. For this reason, below is a list of teacher-targeted financial aid currently offered.

What is the Teacher's Day bonus in Venezuela?

This month's salary is sent to teaching, administrative and labor staff Venezuela's Ministry of People's Power for Education (MPPE) means that there is no special subsidy for Teacher's Day, but the bonus received by teachers is active. MPPE authors.

How much is teacher bonus 2024?

The new amount for MPPE teachers in January was confirmed to be 1,440.00 bolivars. As in previous months, beneficiaries will receive payments through accounts registered with the Patria system. It should be noted that the delivery is carried out gradually, so you will have to wait a few days to see the money on the platform.

Bonuses for teachers in Venezuela. | Photo: Telegram

When will teachers in Venezuela get bonuses?

As reported in MPPE Payments Telegram channel, the faculty, administrative and staff staff of MPPE are receiving Anti-Economic Warfare Bonus from January 12, 2024. It is important to clarify that this payment is only payable to active workers.

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