Young Peruvian woman fainted in Colombia and stayed in ICU for 15 days: now she owes the clinic more than 170 thousand soles

Untreated bacterial cellulitis caused multiple ailments in the 26-year-old's body.

Gloria Karina Velásquez MamaniAt 26 years old, he fulfilled his dream of traveling Spain By mid-December 2023, her international travel would turn out to be a nightmare for herself, her family and her loved ones.

The young Peruvian woman was scheduled to arrive in Peru last Tuesday, January 2nd, however, when she arrived ColombiaThe country where she stopped, she a Bogota Clinic As his health deteriorated.

“I was going to Jorge Chavez Airport to meet her and pick her up and I got a call from her WhatsApp, but it wasn't my partner, it was a lady who works at Colombia Airport. “She tells me that Karina is unconscious and can't get on the next flight to Peru for no reason,” said John Vargas, who was in love with Velasquez's uncle. Infobae Peru.

A young woman from Peru fulfilled her dream of traveling to Spain without thinking that it would become a nightmare for her and her loved ones.

Karina, while she was still inside SpainHe reported that he had John Bump on left eyebrowHe identified that Bacterial cellulitis. According to her partner, the young woman did not pay much attention to her and told her that she would only treat him when she was at home, located in the district of San Juan de Miraflores.

“It looks like a pimple and a mosquito bite. It had already appeared in the middle of 2023. First it appeared in the chest and then in other parts of the body. The pimple grows, the area swells, pus starts oozing, and at the same time he develops a fever. Here I controlled it with medication until it disappeared. Unfortunately, we don't think it will lead further, he said.

This type of cellulite reappeared on December 26, a week before his return Lima. During that time, the tumor grew larger and larger until it compromised his vision.

“31, [la celulitis bacteriana] He was very large and already had a fever and pain. [En el vuelo] “He starts presenting health problems, which leads to him arriving unconscious at the 'El Dorado' airport in Bogotá,” he added.

The flight attendants, after noticing her condition, decided to contact the insurance company and pick her up. Local hospital. “She was insured for the flight and the ticket, so she was covered on the trip if she got sick. “The insurance company decided to bring her to the Santa Fe Foundation Hospital in Bogotá,” said Vargas.

Gloria Karina Velasquez Mamani has been hospitalized in the Columbia Medical Center's ICU since January 2.

When Karina was admitted Intensive Care Unit (ICU) ―Where is he so far― In Peru, John Vargas and the young woman's mother traveled to Bogotá and asked their closest circle for loans and financial help to reach their loved one.

“On January 2 we went to Colombia. Buying terrain for instant flight was very expensive, but we did it. We came at 7 pm and ran to see my girlfriend,” commented the couple.

When they came to the private health center, they looked miserable. “It was a very difficult moment because I found her The machine that helps her breatheIn a coma, unconscious, with the eye completely swollen shut,” she lamented.

26-year-old Karina Velásquez fulfilled her dream of traveling to Spain without imagining that her international trip would turn into a nightmare.

According to the diagnosis given to him by the doctors, this type of cellulitis is called a bacteria because it manifests itself near the eye. Staphylococcus aureus oh Staphylococcus aureusentered his system and compromised several organs, including the brain.

“They told me he has cerebral palsy, which affects the entire right side of his body like his arm, leg and eyesight. The whole system is responsible for swallowing food, passing saliva and part of breathing,” he pointed out.

“The doctor tells me that this bacteria is inside the brainIn Sange Further Lungs”, he noted.

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Thanks for all the help you can get in the world Santa Fe Foundation Hospital in Bogotáloan amount More than 170 thousand soles, And will continue to increase 10 thousand soles in ICU room only one day.

“On Monday [15 de enero] In return, we were told that we had already paid 170 thousand adak. From that amount they deducted 25 thousand soles already under insurance. “We don't know how much longer Kareena has to stay here and the doctor treating her says he doesn't know that they have to wait to see how her body responds to the drugs,” he said.

So far, Karina Velasquez owes the hospital 170 thousand soles.

Desperate to get help for Karina Velázquez, her mother and her boyfriend knocked on the door of the Peruvian embassy in Colombia, but did not get the answer they were hoping for.

“I went to the embassy but they did not open the door for me. They attended to me through their intercom. They told me there was nothing they could do and they didn't see the problem. Then I went to the embassy and they treated me there. He gave me some options to buy insurance but it is not very useful for us now,” he told this medium.

“In Peru, his relatives are planning to go to the Congress of the Republic and other institutions. In our situation, we are trying to seek help in places that no one can even imagine,” he said.

If you are interested in helping Kareena and her family financially, you can do so BCP Account 191-91548197-0-23. You can send any other form of support to John Vargas (962 013 319)

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“That's the main thing now Karina Get over it, that's what we all want. But we cannot ignore the huge debt we have, we have to take care of it,” he concluded.

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