Tech Tips: Find artwork that looks like you with a selfie and Google

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Google Arts It has been recently updated to provide new features to its users. While it may not be one of the most popular apps, its ability to bring us closer to the world’s artistic heritage continues to evolve. The latest addition promises to delight consumers by allowing them to discover their similarities with famous works of art.

Google Arts It is a Tool Invaluable for exploring the cultural wealth of mankind. With a wide collection of content organized by category, one can enjoy photos, videos and audios in attractive posts.

Google Arts has been an invaluable tool in exploring cultural wealth. Source: (Instagram)

A very recent and interesting feature Google Arts “Find Your Art Doppelganger” activity. This tool uses your phone’s camera to analyze your face and find similarities with the works of great masters.

Download and install to use the new feature Google Arts on your phone mobile phone. Once installed, open it and you’ll see the “Find Your Art Doppelganger” section at the top of the main screen.

Google Arts’ new feature is “Find Your Art Twin.” Source: (Instagram)

Click the “Art Selfie” box to begin function. Decide if you want to get it Self portrait, take a photo of your pet or point the camera at another person. Using the framing frame, make sure it is properly captured and press the button to take the photo.

The app will analyze your image for artwork that bears a reasonable resemblance to it. Once the process is complete, it will display your photo next to the painting you most closely resemble.

Google Arts will analyze your image for artwork with reasonable similarity. Source: (Instagram)

The results of this study may be surprising. The app considers various features such as hairstyle and facial features leading to accurate results. Additionally, you can try as many times as you like by changing the look or position to get different results.

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