Oscar del Portal attacks a soccer player for this controversial question Live video in America | Richard de la Piedra Andy Polo Peru Team | game

He went ‘beaver’ mode. Oscar Dell Portal Involved in a painful incident which showed little stamina and explosiveness while his teammates Soccer in America: Richard de la Pietra Y Manuel NunezPrefers to ‘keep calm’ in the face of provocative comparisons of existence Andy Polo In Red and white. The ex-footballer was enraged when he saw himself exposed and verbally assaulted one of his teammates.

Former player Game Crystal did not share the idea Richard de la PietraAbout the benefit in it Andy Polo Jorge Fossati had knowledge of the player and wanted to play for ‘Blanqueroja’ Sports University.

So Andy Polo should be a starter to replace Boca Juniors and Advincula, right? I hear… I mean Marcos Liuya will be a starter if Huancayo Sports coach joins the national team… I hear.“, he said ironically with the intention of mocking his partner’s position.

This ‘provocation’ created a reaction from his colleagues who had to ignore the question. “Explain my silence“, said Manuel Nunez And he expressed his exasperation. “I don’t know why they don’t want to answer, does the question bother you?Dell Portal said.

“Are you going to undermine my analysis?”

Richard de la Pietra He tried to ‘put it in its place’ with arguments. “In other words, Polo is not with Kareka. I tell you Polo is above Advincula because Fossati has directed him because he has been in very good form for 18 months. Then you’re going to undermine my analysis: ‘Wow Huancayo coach…‘, because under that precedent we’re going to say that (Nelson) Cabanillas should be in the national team…’, the journalist ‘heated’ against the interim change. Eric Osorus In driving.

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You told me Polo was the starter because Fossati was the coach. You don’t tell me: because Polo is better than Advincula, that’s why this is my question, questions don’t hurt. If you don’t like what I’m asking, let’s change the subject, no problem. It bothers him that I ask questions… Next time I’ll sit there if you’re bothered by me being here. I am here (in the main chair). Then I asked them two questions… ‘Explain my silence’ they say to me” protested live.

Nothing bothers me, nothing bothers me…“, said Richard de la Pietra With an unfriendly face on the character they played and some fans recall a similar moment between Gonzalo Núñez and Erick Osores, which was the beginning of the controversial character ‘Castor’, popular today.

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