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'Nu' is a prefix widely used in the world of innovation to denote something new, obvious or simply innovative. Part of the Latin root 'nudus' and 'nu' meaning “to be naked”, in English it means something new and disruptive. In that logic, there could be a NuBank or neobank, a new society and even a new democracy.

For a NuDemocracy to exist, there must also be political new parties or NuParties.

This is where we return to a series of talks we opened a few years ago on the proposal of some community leaders. Political parties They had new forms and contents and, among other attributes, they ceased to be systems centered on one person or leader, but rather, they were non-hierarchical, flat and decentralized systems.

This is not news to anyone PeruLos Political parties The existing ones are actually electoral machines, linked to non-sanctuary initiatives, bordering on Corruption Open. Today, the so-called 'establishment menu' of parties reproduces more and more, increasing the distance between citizens and the need to be adequately represented. Part of the reality of living in a century strongly influenced by globalization is that the socio-historical origins of many parties in the country have faded. TechnologyBut, above all, The Digitization.

Thus, the problem of party representation has also been favored by the fact that in recent decades, many alternatives have opened up that directly connect citizens to political decision-making processes. Parties are less and less required to express their interests and concerns.

And new media and social networks offer a wide variety of accents. If a citizen can directly communicate with a Member of Parliament

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There are two main effects Digitization and the Internet in the Institutions of Our Time: Decentralization and the Disappearance of Intermediaries. Therefore, we are starting to talk about agile, flat and concentrated organizations, not only in the corporate world, which implies that the best way to use the contributions of each member of the company, but this has been transferred to the world. participation Digital ('hacktivism').

Flat organizations are decentralized, without hierarchies, where all members have equal influence – i.e. peer government or 'peer to peer' – and no one controls decisions. Do such systems exist? Yes, with repeating events in the world of new businesses Digital.

An organization described above is called a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), a decentralized autonomous organization in which all members have the possibility to directly influence decision-making. technologies Validation and variation is in the case of 'Blockchain'.

Today we won't delve further into what a DAO is, but we can think about the possibility of sketching together what NuPartido should look like. Politics of the country, using the means of communication digital, Meta-Previously in the best fashion of Facebook- and X-spread polls. I harnessed the power of the 'smart crowd'.

What do you want them to look like? Political parties It contains Peru 21st century? Sharpen your pencil Digital Soon one will appear; New always comes.

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